SalesRabbit + Best Company: 2 Tools to Increase your Sales Teams Efficiency

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SalesRabbit and Best Company are joining forces to make the sales process more efficient for reps by arming them with the tools they need to stay on track and close more deals than ever before. As part of these efforts, we’ve highlighted a few Best Company and SalesRabbit offerings below that can help your reps get ahead of the competition. 

SalesRabbit Technology 

SalesRabbit has a solution for every problem you’ll encounter in outside sales. The 6 Step SalesRabbit model is designed to be with your team from lead to close of every deal:

#1 Intuitive Lead Generation & Management

Sales teams lose leads all the time— not because they’re sloppy, but because they don’t have the right tools. This is especially true for outside sales teams who struggle because they’re using tools designed for inside sales teams. But SalesRabbit lead creation tools, lead status stacking, and lead tracking and disposition allow you to find and create the right leads for you and sort through them for faster prospecting. Plus SalesRabbit also gives you a route planning tool to help get you there faster!

#2 Essential Team Management Tools

Managing outside sales teams used to require a lot of time and effort. But SalesRabbit knows you have more important things to worry about. With their software, you can always stay on top of rep progress with leaderboards and analytics, easily draw and assign territories to reps, view area data history, message as a team, and intelligently track any of your reps.

#3 Quick Customer Qualification

Everybody hates wasting time with unqualified customers, but everybody also hates how long the approval process can take. With SalesRabbit in-app solutions, like title and credit checks, your teams can qualify and verify customers on the go. Plus, it happens quickly enough that it won’t interrupt your sales process. 

#4 Built-in Presentation & Proposal Tools

We all understand that first impressions are crucial, and your sales proposal is no exception. SalesRabbit helps you make the best impression possible by providing you with digital sales tools like video and PDF uploading, offline mode, versatile sketch tool, and training material capabilities that digitize and legitimize your pitch.

#5 Digital Forms & Contracts

The modern buyer participates in digital business, which means they’re much more confident and impressed with electronic deal processing. With mobile esignature capabilities, synced customer data, and digital contracts that will minimize your transaction times, SalesRabbit helps give customers the best buying experience possible. 

#6 Integrated Data Transfers

SalesRabbit syncs with over 30 useful integrations that connect directly to your SalesRabbit account for easy access. Game changers like Salesforce, HubSpot, JobNimbus, and Solo are among the top data transfers that help save teams time and money. Plus SalesRabbit offers custom integrations for customers.



Best Company Reviews 

Reviews and testimonials are key to any successful sales strategy. What people say about your brand can greatly impact your entire sales process. Here are four ways you can leverage Best Company reviews to make your sales process stand out: 

#1 Use Reviews to Build Initial Trust

Think of your happy customers as additional, powerful sales reps for your brand. While your actual reps may find difficulty in building trust with the people they contact, your customers naturally face a significantly smaller trust barrier. Customers are often trusted because they don’t tend to gain anything from faking or padding a review. 

If you gather and feature your reviews through an accredited, third-party review platform like Best Company, your customers’ feedback will be an even more powerful tool your reps can use in their day-to-day efforts.

#2 Empower Consumers Through Research and Reviews

When your reps reference your company’s profile and reviews on Best Company, they can use the key phrase, “Don’t take our word for it, look at what people are saying about us”. 

By encouraging consumers to conduct their own research, your reps are giving them the opportunity to make up their own minds about your company and product, without any added pressure. Empowering consumers during the sales process is an effective way to build their trust and close more deals. 

#3 Acknowledge Negative Reviews and Prep Your Reps 

If you’re going to add reviews to your sales strategy, make sure your company doesn’t shy away from negative reviews. Encouraging consumers to read both the positive and negative feedback your customers have left can make a big difference in how they perceive your brand.

Positive reviews are undoubtedly powerful, but if you work strategically and prep your reps, negative reviews can also be useful tools during the sales process. 

It may be hard to admit, but no company is perfect. Consumers recognize this fact and use it as a way to gauge the difference between the companies that truly care and listen to customer feedback and the ones that present a false image to the public. 

Potential customers can see your negative reviews and how you’ve responded to that feedback. This, combined with prepping your reps in advance to leverage negative feedback in their calls, allows you to build stronger trust and feature how your company responds to concerned or upset customers.

#4 Utilize Feedback to Enhance Your Online Reputation Post-Sale 

The power of reviews doesn’t stop when a deal closes. Best Company can help you run review campaigns and make sure you’re getting the most ROI from your happy customers. 

Best Company can also gather valuable video testimonials from your customers, which can be great additions to your reps’ arsenal. Through video testimonials, potential clients can hear your customers’ experiences directly from their own mouths and can get a greater understanding of how they feel about your brand. 

These video testimonials can be used as valuable social media assets and marketing collateral that can take your brand’s online reputation to the next level, further improving your reps’ sales pitch. 

Streamline your Process and Reputation Now

Running a successful sales organization comes down to maximizing available resources to enable your reps to close more deals. By combining SalesRabbit’s lead generation and management technologies with Best Company’s online reputation management platform, you provide a first-class buying experience for all new and existing customers. Start using this tailored solution between SalesRabbit and Best Company to boost your sales team’s efforts now.

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