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Sales Secrets with Jordan Belfort and Grant Cardone

Posted by Diana May-Jennings | May 19, 2020

Sales masters Jordan Belfort and Grant Cardone refresh your sales game

If you’ve hit a plateau in your sales game and are looking for ways to become a better rep, now’s the time to discover new sales secrets with Jordan Belfort and Grant Cardone. These masters of sales share their insider secrets in this sales training heavyweight match. Learning from their personal experiences will help you succeed in the world of sales. 

Become your Best Rep

According to Grant Cardone, sales is all a numbers game. The more you contact and get out there, the more successful you’ll be. If you market or contact through the phone ahead of time so the client already knows you, that’s icing on the cake.

Cardone and Belfort emphasize that you can prep and train as much as you want to be a good rep, but without a lead to talk to, no strategy will ever work. The problem a lot of new reps face is being scared to cold call or talk to a lot of people, but Cardone says don’t get nervous or upset about it. The rep that talks to 10 leads a day will always lose to the guy that talks to 200 leads a day. 

So to build and maintain success you need to:

  • Work out a sales funnel.
  • Always keep that sales funnel full.
  • Constantly be looking to get more client traffic.
  • View every client as an opportunity.
  • Learn how to market yourself so people are familiar with you.

If you’ve tried to improve as a rep already but you’re still struggling, Cardone recommends that you should take a step back from your sales approach to help a fellow rep. If you take some time away from focusing on your shortcomings, you can become motivated by helping improve sales for someone else. For Cardone, a 100% cure for the sales slump is helping someone else make deals. He goes into what he calls “charity mode” which never fails a struggling rep. 

If you want more in-depth training with Grant Cardone, you can look into his Sales Training University. If you’re interested in learning more about Jordan Belfort’s approach check out his youtube channel for more tips.

Check out the Whole Video

Watch these hotheads debate what works in sales and what doesn’t. Whether you agree with one over the other, it’s all good information for a rep to consider while looking to improve his game.

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