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Sales Coaching 101: Challenger Methodology

Posted by Diana May-Jennings | June 24, 2021

Be the best sales coach for your team with “The Challenger” method

Coaching a sales team can seem intimidating especially if you don’t have any practice, but all you really need are the right tools and mindset to get the job done. Using The Challenger Methodology is a great way to put the job of sales coach into perspective and set realistic goals for your performance. If you want to learn how to be the best coach you can and what it takes to be effective with your reps, use this guide.

What Does it Mean to be a Coach?

According to the Challenger methodology, coaching is more than just interacting with your reps in an authoritative manner. It is an ongoing process of learning your reps’ behavior, tailoring the message to each individual, and aiming to fix any underlying issues that show in their performance. Being an effective sales coach takes time, practice, and patience.

Basic Roles of a Sales Coach

  • Develop capabilities and skills.
  • Create development goals and opportunities.
  • Reinforce correct behavior.
  • Look for incremental skill improvement as part of an ongoing, dynamic relationship and leave room for team members to make mistakes as part of the learning process.
  • Frequent, ongoing interactions.
  • Asking guiding questions for feedback and active listening.
  • Guiding sellers to discover the right solutions to specific problems.

Ineffective vs. Effective Coaching

Coaching a rep doesn’t mean constant critique or praise, but rather guidance to them being the best rep they can be. Although it’s important to coach all of your reps, the graph shows that effective coaching has the greatest impact on the middle performing reps. Using effective coaching strategies will raise the standard of performance for all of your reps when the “middle performers” are improving.

Get to Know Your Reps

Part of being an effective sales coach comes from knowing the personalities of your reps. Not everyone responds to the same form of feedback and others may require more guidance. If you feel overwhelmed with trying to figure out which personalities your sales reps have, use this simple guide from The Challenger Sale to get a basic understanding of what personality types you have from these 5 Challenger classifications:

  1. The Relationship Builder
  2. The Reactive Problem Solver
  3. The Hard Worker
  4. The Lone Wolf
  5. The Challenger

All of these personality types are present in the workplace and they all thrive on different leadership and guidance. To be the most effective coach, learn the personality of each and every one of your reps and see what leadership they respond to the best. 

How Much Time to Spend Coaching

You’re probably thinking that this guide is great but you’re a busy sales manager or company owner and you don’t have the time to be spending hours coaching every rep all the time. Well good news, coaching effectiveness plateaus above 5 hours per month which is only a little more than 1 hour per week. To be an effective coach doesn’t mean you have to spend all your time coaching, you really only need a solid hour throughout the week to provide the guidance your reps need. Perfect for busy managers!

Embrace the Challenger Methodology

Good coaching consists heavily of asking questions about what would solve an issue; this prompts thinking and allows your reps to determine a way forward for themselves. Coaching skills is what’s going to improve performance over the long term, which is especially important in light of learning new skills. If you feel like you’re lacking some of the necessary tools to guide your reps, schedule a free demo with us and we’ll get you everything you need to make an unstoppable sales team.

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