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Running Remotely During COVID-19

Posted by Sean Huckstep | March 20, 2020

Stay productive and safe during the Coronavirus using these insights.

We understand that many businesses and their employees are frightened and afflicted by the Coronavirus outbreak. We want to do what we can to keep door-to-door sales functioning despite the chaos. Just because we’re in a time with limited resources, that doesn’t mean contacting new or existing clients should stop. If you want to do even more to keep your business thriving, check out our tools to keep your team connected remotely, start mailing campaigns, and continue to track your leads through this pandemic. 

Manage Your Team Remotely

If you’ve made the transition to working more remotely, like us, that doesn’t mean your company’s communication should suffer. Using our News Messages feature, you can quickly and easily update your team on COVID-19 policy updates, give them lead updates, and provide any critical company announcements.

Use Boost

Our Boost feature is the best way to market remotely. Boost is a digital marketing technology that will increase your close rates without you having to go door to door. This feature powerfully and accurately targets specific households, businesses, and areas with your digital advertising. This will help you continue to market to your target audience in a safe and effective way.

Create Mailing Campaigns

We know it’s currently an unsafe environment to be going door to door, so that’s why our Lasso Tool is so useful right now. Using this tool you can draw out specific areas to create an organized mailing campaign. A mailing campaign is useful because it allows you to stay in contact with your leads area-by-area at a safe social distance. 

Stay Up-to-Date

Although most companies’ working conditions have temporarily changed, you can still keep the status of your leads updated. Check out this article that will ensure that when working conditions get back to normal, you haven’t missed a beat.

Electronically Access Leads in Bulk

As we’ve said, work is getting done online right now. If you’re one of our current users you can access our Sales Hub, which allows you to access and target specific leads that already exist on the web. This is unique because the leads are in bulk, giving you all the information you need to keep your lead count up.

Get Started Now

These tips give you plenty of the resources you need to keep your company current during the Coronavirus. Don’t let this virus further affect your company or employees, use these easy—and most importantly safe—ways to contact your new and existing clients. 

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