Roofing and Solar Webinar 2020

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Roofing and Solar industries come together in an informative webinar:

On September 3rd, 2020 at 11am, Solo will be hosting an informative and collaborative webinar with Hearth and SalesRabbit. There is a lot to learn from this webinar, which includes messages from Roofing Director Tony Martin at Summit Solar, Jake Ackerman, owner of RoofTek, and Mike Eyman, managing partner at Absolute Construction

What You’ll Learn

This webinar will teach you how to increase your cross-industry success from proven industry leaders. Even if you’re not actively working in the roofing or solar industry, hearing from successful salespeople and business owners is the best way to grow your sales knowledge and increase your success. Here are some of the things we’ll cover:

  • How to Access the Other Market: Most companies started by selling either roofing or solar and are now looking to benefit from offering both. This webinar will provide valuable insight on how to take on the challenge.
  • Peer Knowledge Panel: We’ve recruited three of the best business leaders we know in order to gain access to their vast experience and expertise. Gain key insights from other industry leaders on how to thrive in their field.
  • Process, Pitch, and Tools: Discover the tools and resources that other companies are using to achieve their goals.

Register Now

If you interested in getting this insider information on roofing and solar sales, register for free here. This webinar is coming up fast so don’t miss out on this free resource. We’ll see you there!

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