RepCard and SalesRabbit Integration

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RepCard and SalesRabbit integrate to make your sales team more professional

Our top goal is to make the process of outside sales easier and more efficient for all reps and companies. In the spirit of that, we established an integration with RepCard that’ll help your sales company establish a credible and legitimate presence in person and online. 

What is RepCard?

RepCard helps build the reputation of your company and sales reps to provide them with a legitimate and professional touch. Having this legitimacy helps gain trust with customers, spread a positive view of your company, and close more deals in the process.

How Does the Integration Work?

To learn all about how this integration works and how to set it up for yourself, using your SalesRabbit login, there are simple steps in your settings to allow this RepCard to integrate with our software. Everything you need to know is in this 2-minute tutorial and our Help Center guide.

See our RepCard integration page or Help Center demo for more information on the benefits and uses of this integration. To get even more information, check out RepCard’s informative integration page too. 

Benefits of this Integration

  • Send digital business cards to a lead or customer.
  • Generate Google and Facebook reviews for your company.
  • Follow up with automatic RepCard campaigns.
  • Create a professional sales reputation.

Try it out for Yourself

If you aren’t familiar with how to use an integration in your SalesRabbit app or just have more questions about how this can work for you, schedule a free demo with us and we’ll help give you all the information you’ll need. 

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