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Preparing for Peak Selling Season

Posted by brady | April 12, 2018

With the selling season about to hit primetime, it’s important to have reps as prepared as possible.

This means getting them well-trained and comfortable using SalesRabbit effectively. Here are the basics they should know:

Lead and Area Management

Start by teaching your reps how to use filters so they are able to view the Leads they need. This means they will be ready to manage their areas effectively and get as many contacts as possible.

If your reps use an iOS mobile device, they need to click “Canvass” in the legend at the bottom of their screen and click on the funnel icon in the upper left hand corner to bring up their filters. If they use Android, the filters icon is in the upper right hand corner – it looks like a tornado.

Once the filters are open, each rep will see the word “Leads.” This should be swiped right, and clicking on the word “Leads” will bring down a drop-down menu of all the ways Leads can be filtered. Encourage your reps to find Leads they need to go back to by selecting the appropriate lead statuses to narrow down. This simple habit will make average reps become great.

Leaderboards and Stat Tracking

You should also teach them to utilize Leaderboards to track key Stats, such as “Doors Knocked,” “Appointments Made Percentages,” “Sales,” and “People Talked To.” When they track their own numbers they will naturally see where they rank compared to their peers, or even compared to themselves over time.

You will likely have new canvassers who don’t know what is expected of them to succeed, and by seeing how many interactions and closed deals their peers have, they will become motivated to do more. Leaderboards will also motivate your vets, who love to compete with each other and stay on top of the game. 

As you’re building your team’s motivation levels, it’s also important to avoid negative responses if reps have subpar stats, such as high numbers for doors knocked but low appointments made. Instead, allow them to shadow the most successful reps in your company to learn closing techniques.

Tech-Driven Presentations

Lastly, make sure you have your Sales Materials imported to the web app. Encourage your reps to use those Sales Materials when making the first interaction with a potential customer. They should direct the customer’s focus to the screen so they can see the company branding and the visuals of your pitch, giving credibility to the rep and your company. When a rep hands over their device so the customer can view the materials, it is much less likely that customer will shut the door.

The Results

If you give your reps the proper tools and train them to use them successfully, they will become naturally motivated, efficient, and eventually master the sales process well before the season comes to an end. These are the key behaviors of every great rep and every great sales team, and the more you focus on building them, the more powerful your results will be. 

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