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Prepare for Success with Positive Visualization

Posted by Brady Anderson | February 1, 2018

Supercharge Your Sales Performance with Positive Visualization

Sometimes, the day-to-day life of the door-to-door canvassing sales professional can feel like a non stop barrage of demoralizing rejection. Are you ready to take control of your success? You may already have an outgoing and enthusiastic personality, but positive visualization can supercharge your performance and help you reach your full potential.

Positive visualization is a mental exercise that top performers use to prepare themselves to face a challenge. Public speakers, athletes, and executives all employ this technique before any performance. It’s deliberate, and it’s powerful. It’s also easy to do, and it only takes a few minutes:

  • Relax and clear your thoughts of any outside distractions.
  • Imagine yourself achieving success by performing your sales tasks.
  • Allow yourself to feel the emotions of confidence, enthusiasm, and satisfaction.

When performed correctly, your mind stores up those positive feelings you generated and associates them with the behaviors you imagined yourself doing.

Imagine feeling confident as you knock on doors and speak to strangers. When it happens in real life, your mind recalls that for you confidence each time you approach a new location on your canvassing door to door route.

Here are four ways this technique benefits sales professionals:

Benefit One – Learn Confidence

The most significant advantage of positive visualization is the way it trains your mind to remain positive even when you experience setbacks. You already know that not every door is going to open, and not everyone will want to talk to you. When those negative experiences discourage you, apathy creeps in.

Positive visualization gives you a tool to fight that destructive force:

  • Teach yourself to feel confident when you approach someone.
  • Practice projecting your confidence when initiating a conversation.
  • Feel enthusiasm when you pitch an idea to a customer.

Your mind can trick you into thinking that the obstacles in your way are insurmountable, and insecurity can stop you from succeeding. Through positive visualization, you can teach yourself that it’s okay to act with authority.

Benefit Two – Stay Upbeat and Approachable

Excitement sells, and customers respond better to upbeat personalities. That’s why so many sales professionals are extroverts.

Use positive visualization to keep your energy levels high:

  • Imagine yourself having a great time with your sales route.
  • Throw off setbacks and keep smiling.
  • Set an upbeat tone for the day.

As a salesperson, you need to connect with people quickly. Having a high energy level is attractive to potential customers, and it helps to improve your performance.

Benefit Three – Clarify Your Goals

Are your goals realistic? Your goals should be some objective you can control. Often frustrations set in when unattainable goals stay out of reach.

Meditate on your goals and see yourself succeeding:

  • Picture yourself reaching out to all your contacts before lunch.
  • Envision closing deals with everyone you talk to that day.
  • Think about connecting with an important client and having a productive conversation.

During your meditations, evaluate your goals and look for realistic ways you might reach them. This exercise trains you to believe that you can succeed. Just accepting that truth is often the key to overcoming discouragement.

Benefit Four – Game Out Success

Suppose your wildest dreams come true, and your customer makes the biggest purchase you could have imagined. Are you ready to take possession of your success?

Use positive visualization to plan your next steps:

  • Form the perfect answer and respond right away.
  • Think about ways you might upsell a client.
  • Get comfortable asking for more from the deal.

Many inexperienced sales professionals miss out on the best deals because they are not ready when the moment happens. A few minutes of daydreaming helps you game out your responses to a successful transaction.

Sales Rabbit Helps You Unlock the Power of Positive Visualization

Your meditations are also a time to reflect. Use your reflections to honestly evaluate your performance and compare the way you act in real life to the way you worked in your meditation. If you are still falling short, reevaluate your goals and the way you feel when you approach a difficult situation. Adjust your reflections to target the harmful feelings undermining your performance.

Sales Rabbit has the tools you need to supercharge your sales strategy. Monitor the situation you’re facing with our tracking software and start visualizing your success in the area. Use our territory management tool to keep your sales team organized and efficient. Call 385-336-5560 to speak to one of our representatives or get online and request a free demo.

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