Organize Now, Save Time Later

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Use COVID-19 quarantine time to organize your business remotely.

We understand the Coronavirus outbreak has caused a lot of uncertainty in the sales field, but our time spent in quarantine doesn’t have to be time wasted. Now’s your chance to get a jump start on the year by focusing on the organization of your team and company. With our resources, you can make the most of the time you have to streamline your business. Using our customer location and importing, team messaging, filtering routes, and our Learn Playbook will help your team be more prepared, productive, and pumped to get back out in the field.

Customer Locator

The Customer Locator feature must be enabled in order to view any imported customers on the map based on perimeters that you set. After choosing your customer locator settings, then you can import the names of customers that you didn’t have the chance to upload yet.

Selling around customers is a great approach. You can start by asking them for referrals in the area, and then use their name as you pitch to their neighbors. Ask yourself: what enabled us to be successful with these customers? And then incorporate those things into your pitch in their area.

When you’re running back to normal, you’ll be glad that you took the time to use this tool and import new customers that you found before the quarantine and locate new ones to visit when it’s safe. 

Keep Messaging your Team

Team Messaging is an obvious way that you can run your team remotely and continue to build organization and communication among your employees. Disjointed teams put up disjointed numbers, and that’s not where you want to be. We bring all your team communication into one place so that you can strive for greatness as a unified group remotely. Jump on improving your team’s communication now while you have the time.

Filter Sales Materials

In the world of sales, people are often too busy to truly organize every bit of their sales routes. That’s a mistake that will end up hurting their productivity in the future. Now is the perfect time for you to take advantage of our filters and routing features for Android and IOS. Using these features will allow you to efficiently organize your sales efforts now to save time later.


Always Be Learning

Although watching Netflix all day can be a fun way to pass time in quarantine, when businesses start functioning normally again, those that spent their time unwisely will be behind the game. Using our Learn Playbook you’ll make sure that doesn’t happen to you. With these tools, you can set goals for your sales team and track your company-wide journey to mastery by assigning training materials to specific reps and getting insights on their growth. 

Get Up and Start Now

It can be hard to be productive when we’re isolated in our homes with personal devices to keep us company. We get that. And while this quarantine is a serious thing, it is giving you the time you need to rethink the organization of your company and reps. A lot of people underestimate the importance of working remotely to keep the momentum of growth going, so start prepping now so that you can be ready later.

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