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Optimize Your Sales Team with the PestRoutes Integration

Posted by brady | February 18, 2021

SalesRabbit + PestRoutes—Enjoy the best of both worlds in one integration

Do you use PestRoutes or SalesRabbit? Or are you using both without having them integrated? If you are, you’re wasting time with manual processes and data entry. Sales reps already spend too much time on tasks other than selling, and this adds to the problem. If you’re looking to put lost time back into your reps day, our new and improved integration with PestRoutes will do that. See what SalesRabbit + PestRoutes offers to improve your sales process.

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What this integration does for you:

  • Pull Lead Data Right Into Forms Via Form Builder.
  • Digitally Sign Agreements (Digital Contracts).
  • Attach Signed Agreement to SR Lead.
  • Create/Update New Customers/Leads in PR.
  • Upload Signed Contract to PR.
  • Check Route Availability/Spots in SR.
  • Schedule Routes Directly Through SalesRabbit.
  • Fast Customer Sync.
  • Leaderboards + Insights.

This improved integration is the best option for you and your team. You’ll avoid the hassle and wasted time of manual data entry, but enjoy the strengths of PestRoutes and a robust sales platform with SalesRabbit.

Integration Overview and Set Up

This integration will allow you to sync customer information from PestRoutes.

  1. You will be able to populate your leaderboards with stats like # of sales, # of serviced accounts, AVG Contract Value, and Auto Pay %.
  2. You will also be able to populate current/inactive customers onto the map in SalesRabbit to enable your reps to name drop and try to resell cancelled customers. 
  3. Your reps will have access to see the current status of customers they have sold whether they are pending, serviced, cancelled, or charged back. 

There are a few steps you need to complete to integrate your accounts.

Step 1

Go to SalesRabbit web app (app.salesrabbit.com) and go to the Integrations tab.

Fill in the following fields:

Subdomain: This is the first part of the URL that you use to login to your PestRoutes account. 

Key/Token: This is your API key and token that will allow SalesRabbit to pull information. These need to be requested from PestRoutes.

Service Type ID’s: These are the service types that you want synced to SalesRabbit. If you want all regular quarterly service accounts counted on the leaderboards/service reports then you will place the service type ID in this field and any other that would like synced. 

Step 2

Enable your Customer Locator field in the SalesRabbit web app.

#1 Go to Settings within the left hand menu, then click on “Customer Locator” within the middle column. 

#2 Click the drop down of the Customer Locator and choose “Display Name and Address.” If you choose “Display Name Only,” the customers will not appear on the map.

#3 Click the drop down for “Location Radius (miles).” Choose somewhere between “.5” to “2” miles. If you sync too many miles, it could cause lagging as the map would be required to load that many miles as the rep moves, and this can also drain the battery on their device.

Click “Save” in the upper right hand corner. 

Step 3

Enable “Customer Locator” on the mobile app filters. 

With all of these fields filled in, you will have successfully integrated with PestRoutes!

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