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Efficient and effective communication is the lifeblood of any successful sales organization. Without it, your team isn’t a “team.” They’re just a random collection of lone wolves trying to make things work on their own.

This is true of any team at any size, but the pain of poor communication becomes sharper as your sales force grows. Whether you realize it or not, a lack of effective communication is one of the primary factors separating field sales companies that scale from those that don’t. And let’s face it, EVERYONE wants to scale.

At SalesRabbit, we’re passionate about enabling field sales companies to scale smoothly, and providing effective communication tools is a huge part of that. Sure, you can survive using text or email with small intimate teams that don’t experience any turnover year after year, but when your team is growing, on the move, and ever-changing, you need something more powerful. To that end, we’ve developed two communication features that allow your team to coordinate their efforts, share insights, and feed the flames of competition.


Organized groups and lists make it easy to share information with the right people quickly.


The first of these tools, News, allows leadership in your company to send carefully crafted messages to your entire sales team or specific organizational segments. You can create tags to group messages by topic, embed photos or videos, and even utilize HTML formatting to give your news messages polish. Best of all, selecting which individuals or groups your messages go to is simple using the in-app org structure.

This is by far the best tool to use when you want to communicate with a large swath of people but don’t want to slow them down by creating a big back-and-forth conversation. Communicating a change in leadership, a change in your sales process, new product offerings, and competition updates all thrive in News.


Upload all kinds of file formats, including videos.


Of course, not all of your messages will need to be company-wide and you definitely want to encourage more dynamic conversations within teams. That’s why we also built our Mobile Chat tool. Mobile Chat allows users to communicate within SalesRabbit using direct one-on-one conversations or group forums for enhanced collaboration. You can create groups, add or remove users on an existing group, and even see who has read your messages. Most importantly, the chat experience exists inside the SalesRabbit mobile app so it’s easy to stay on-task and efficient.

Scaling for you may mean expanding the size of your sales team, increasing sales volume year over year, or diversifying into new markets and product offerings. Whatever your growth goals, unifying your team with effective communication tools will be essential to achieving them.

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  1. I do door to door. It would be so cool if you could, with a single button, select only houses in certain age brackets to appear.

    This helps with working early mornings catching retired folks. Vs going through individually and looking through the ages.

    18-25 26-35 36-45 46-60 60-75

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