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6 new SalesRabbit integrations that we’re pumped about

SalesRabbit has been picking up new partnerships and integrations that we’re excited to share with you. We make all these integrations to help improve your sales process in any way that we can. These are just six of the many integrations we have to help you be the best rep and sales company out there.


Our integration with GorillaDesk is perfect for outside sales teams. If you’re looking to get your team more organized, features from us and GorillaDesk will make that happen in one app. GorillaDesk is a field service management system combining scheduling, invoicing, and more features in one application. With the integration of our features and the tools GorillaDesk provides, you can organize and grow your outside sales business. We know the challenges they face trying to stay organized in the field, integrations like this are what help change that.

Covve Scan

The new integration with Covve Scan is a quick and easy way to improve your data entry and digitize your business cards to share with customers. By using Covve Scan you eliminate the tedious task of manually entering details from business cards. Simply take a photo of a business card, and get all the details instantly recognized. These uploaded business cards make it easy to share and store information with whoever you need to in your SalesRabbit contacts.


Integrating with Hover has provided a way to give your SalesRabbit prospects a 3D view of their house. Their software measures, designs, and estimates your exterior home improvement projects in one place. All you need to do is snap a few photos, transform the photos into customizable 3D form, review all measurements for accuracy, and finally design your house in 3D. Using this integration sets you apart from the competition with a more personalized and impressive review of your prospects home.


Facebook Lead Forms

Our new integration with Facebook Lead Forms gives you the unique ability to push Facebook leads directly into SalesRabbit as a lead status and then assign those leads to a specific employee. If you’re wondering what lead forms are: lead ads are a type of ad that allows you to run lead generation campaigns on Facebook and Instagram. You can create leads ads from your Facebook Page or from Ads Manager. This is a great way to use social media platforms to increase your lead generation.



This integration with Tier32 provides a seamless user experience with one platform for all your company needs. From lead creation to funding HR to payroll and inventory management, this software provides specific needs for each department from Sales to Marketing or HR Services. It’s one platform to manage the security of your entire company. We’ve got your sales process covered from lead to close and Hover has got everything else your company needs.



Integrating with Skedulo has made it possible to improve company wide communication and manage small to large groups. Skedulo is a scheduling software for mobile team management. Skedulo resolves team or customer scheduling problems, assigns certain jobs, tracks team productivity and more. By using our platform with Skedulo you can easily create appointments with SalesRabbit leads and keep your team up to date through constant communication. 

More Integrations

If these integrations are exciting to you, we have plenty more for you to check out. No matter what the needs of your business are, we’ll have something to help you succeed. Visit our integrations homepage and see what other integrations can benefit you and your company. 

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