New PestRoutes Scheduler Tool

Scott Porter

Accelerate your teams with the new PestRoutes Scheduler tool

To make life easier for sales reps, we’ve integrated with PestRoutes. This integration gives teams ability to do smart scheduling in the field. Now your reps can check availability and schedule service while they’re out in the field. Being able to access PestRoutes scheduling and customer creation features within our own app will make your life much easier and your sales process quicker.

The New Workflow

Here’s how it works:

  • Sales rep fills out basic customer information in a SalesRabbit form along with subscription details and appointments based on technicians’ availability.
  • Customer then signs the created form.
  • Profile of customer is created in PestRoutes, subscription is added, and a copy of the signed PDF is uploaded.
  • Sales rep can then access PestRoutes from our app to add the payment information.

We currently don’t transfer payment information but that will most likely be added in a future iteration. For now we use a connector to the web app so they can enter the info directly into PestRoutes.

How it Works

Request a demo

If you’re ready to try out this new PestRoutes scheduler, you can schedule a demo with us now. You’ll have the assistance of our talented sales team for free to learn more about this great tool.

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