New Movers: Smartest Way to Get Sales Leads

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Mover Leads: Now out of Beta

31 million people move into new houses each year, but too many companies don’t have a method for generating those leads. Their reps are wasting time with bad prospects, becoming discouraged, and leaving their company as a result. Our new Movers service delivers new mover leads directly to reps so that they can easily incorporate them into their daily work. This will increase close rates, lower rep dissatisfaction, and therefore lower rep churn. 

You Control the Leads

The best owners deliver repeatable sales motions that enable reps to get more contacts with high propensity buyers. Their reps target new homeowners days or hours after the sale of the house closes, and understand what new homeowners need before they are even expressing it. New homeowner data is automatically accessible by the sales rep on their mobile device via prescriptive notifications. You can receive an alert anytime a home is:

  • Listed on the market
  • Removed from the market
  • Pending or under contract
  • Closed having officially transferred ownership from the seller to the buyer

Only SalesRabbit, and our New Mover Data Platform, can provide your sellers this experience. On this platform, mover leads integrate seamlessly into the sales process. You’re able to pick which rep receives which leads, as well as what ZIP Code you want reports on, and the rep will receive a list of customized new mover leads every morning. This means less time spent filtering leads for your reps, and more time at the doors of high propensity buyers who have just moved in. 

How to Set it Up

Check out this video explaining what New Movers accomplishes for you and how to set it up for your SalesRabbit account:

Start Getting New Data Now

You can also set other parameters that fit your needs and schedule specifically. This will save you thousands on recruiting and onboarding while also gaining thousands from all the deals they’ll get by having a much more high-performing sales team. Get your new movers list started today.

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