New Movers Has Officially Launched

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Our New Movers feature is officially available!

One of our newest features, New Movers, has officially launched. If you haven’t heard of this feature yet, you’ll want to read what’s coming next. Did you know that nearly 40 million Americans move houses each year? That’s 14 percent of the entire US population. Which also means 40 million opportunities, since new homeowners are more likely to invest in home services whether they’re selling or purchasing a home.

This is where the new movers feature comes into play. Our new mover leads notify you of these opportunities and even map them out for you, so you can naturally integrate them into your sales process and be the first to reach out to these high propensity buyers. With this feature you’ll be the first to know, contact, and close the newest movers near you. Look here to see the ins and outs of the feature and how you can get it for you and your team now. 

Hot New Leads, Updated Daily

New Mover leads integrate seamlessly into your sales process. Simply tell us which rep you want to receive the lead and what ZIP Code you want reports on, and that rep will receive a list of leads every morning (depending on activity in the area). This is an example of what the rep would see through their SalesRabbit app when you assign them a certain area of potential new movers. As you can see it will be labeled as “New Mover” for your convenience and clarity.

When those new mover leads are opened, these leads will map automatically to SalesRabbit, where a rep or manager can create an efficient route between them or simply work them gradually into their day. Once you receive this information, it’s up to you what you do with it, you can adjust your preferences to what’s best for you and your team. Having a map listed with just these leads makes it easier for you to prioritize them in a planned and efficient way. 


 You Control What Info You Get

With Movers, you can opt in to receive info on different lead types, based on the ideal situation for you and your industry. You can receive an alert anytime a home is:

  • Listed on the market.
  • Removed from the market.
  • Pending, or under contract.
  • Closed, having officially transferred ownership from the seller to the buyer.

There are advantages to each of these notification categories that are available to you. These customizations give companies from any industry the opportunity to take advantage of these new mover leads and sell deliberately to high-propensity buyers.

Sign Up Now

If you’re interested in trying out our new movers leads, chat with us today to figure out how you can get this new feature. There will always be new movers all across the country, by using this software you can finally target those leads specifically and get to their door before your competitors even find out that lead is available.

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