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New DataGrid Business Search

Posted by brady | May 15, 2020

Finding New Business Has Never Been Easier

Introducing our upcoming Business Search tool, a fully-integrated Google Places directory that maps and pins businesses easily for your reps. This brand new add-on product will be available in the upcoming weeks. This gives business to business sales companies an add-on feature similar to our “DataGrid Residential” feature, but instead allows you to submit a form and search for business nearby a specific location. You can configure the radius and optionally keywords when performing your business search for further fine-tune your results. It’s the best way for field reps to optimize their day by precisely targeting their efforts and eliminating confusion and complexity. And with over 150 million listings and millions of updates each day, you know you’re getting accurate, current data.

Tools Available to You

  • Quickly find and filter information. Simply search for all business listings within your radius. If you’d like to narrow things down, you can use keyword search to find specific businesses and business types.
  • Receive detailed business information. Business Search provides your reps with detailed business information, including phone number, address, website, and Google Rating.
  • Have total lead integration. Actual SalesRabbit leads populate so you can use them without any complex manual processes. 
  • Use intuitive routing. Leads automatically populate when you search so it’s easy to create the best route between all of them. 

These are the key features available to you with this add-on DataGrid product. With these features you’ll be able to improve your company and sales prospects with calculated business information and lead integrations.

Released Now

New DataGrid Business Search is here. Now you have the option to use DataGrid in Residential, Business areas, or both. This newest SalesRabbit feature will change the way your company and reps operate. With tools like DataGrid Residential and Business Search, you never have to guess if there are qualified customers, you’ll know. Check out the features now and request a demo to learn more.


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