Most Common Roofing Sales Mistakes in COVID

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Avoiding Common Mistakes in COVID Roofing Sales

Mistakes are going to happen when growing a business, but that doesn’t mean you can’t avoid some of the major ones. Sales is rarely easy, but avoiding major mistakes that are happening daily during Covid will help your company thrive no matter the circumstances.

#1 Avoiding Investments

Too many companies are afraid to invest while in a down economy like our current COVID-19 world. We see some roofing companies getting record numbers right now, while others are going out of business because they’re too afraid to invest in sales software and new processes. 

Truth is, everyone has been asked to adapt, which always means doing something new. For a lot of companies, that means adopting a new, tech-driven approach to their sales. Those who have tried new things are thriving, while those who are behind the curve are being punished more than usual for their unwillingness to change.

If you’re apprehensive, start small. A lot of companies have free trials for their services, including us. If you’re already a SalesRabbit user, you should also check out some of the most popular companies that we’ve integrated with:

Even if these companies don’t fit your specific sales needs, don’t be afraid to expand in some areas of your business in a way that suits you and your company even with the presence of this worldwide pandemic. 

#2 Forcing Leadership Roles

The second major downfall is letting successful reps control the direction of the business. Too often field sales companies give all responsibility to the most successful reps simply because they make the company a lot of money. But what they don’t understand is that these reps are often lone wolves who don’t contribute well to overall success, nurturing new talent, and building scalable processes. 

This is one of the big differences between the Satellite, Pest and roofing industries. For example, in Satellite and Pest, great reps want to get into leadership because they can make more money there. But in roofing, you can often make more money by avoiding leadership roles and just selling based on self-interest. The problem is that these successful roofing reps pushed to a leadership position will often try to steer companies away from adopting new processes and technology because it is against their interest. Their thought process is: if the status quo allows me to whip everyone on the team, why would I want to improve the status quo? 

Remember to reserve leadership roles not necessarily for the best selling reps, but for the employees that see a bright future for your company.

Avoid These Mistakes Now

These two major company malfunctions can be solved by using any kind of smart and functional sales process or app. Having a sales process that can be adapted to your team will help you stay successful. If you feel lost in your sales process right now and want to avoid becoming obsolete, get a free demo now.

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