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Managing Sales Data

Posted by Zac Kerr | February 22, 2018

Innovative Ways to Maximize Big Data

The sales industry has changed dramatically in the advent of big data and social business. More than ever, you need to reevaluate your sales strategy to align with rapidly mutating consumer trends. In field and door-to-door sales, big data can an invaluable resource if wielded properly. Today, we discuss how sales leaders can use consumer data along with sales tracking software to fine-tune their sales strategy.

The age of social business has turned sales management on its head. Today, you have the information to not only deduce what consumers buy but how they shop. In mastering how you gather, interpret and integrate big data, you can identify patterns that can reshape your entire sales strategy.

Prospects in the Age of Big Data

In the competitive D2D industry, prospects are more important than ever. Fortunately, advances in canvassing software have made it easier to find promising leads and target your sales force accordingly. Where once sales managers struggled to gauge buyer interest through extensive oversight and estimation, they now have the information readily available. Instead of expending effort to educate the buyer, they adapt to the buyer’s spending habits.

In D2D sales, large source metrics, such as social mapping and cycle patterns, are exceptionally helpful because they limit time spent on the ground. Your team can focus its energy on turning prospects into buyers.

Embracing Social Technology

As sales leader, your job has always been to predict buyer behavior. However, with aid of social data mining, you have some of the best leading tracking software available. Now, instead of sourcing potential leads, your job becomes more akin to marketing than anything else. Buyer interaction is shaped by marketing and social media content; sales ensures that these interactions are consistent.

In short, sales and marketing are two edges on the same sword. For the D2D industry, this means that field reps must bridge the gap between traditional sales strategy and marketing. They need to be as much of a part of marketing efforts, such as educating and attracting clients, as they are a part of sales itself.

Field Sales Tracking

It’s no secret that tracking sales is an essential part of your responsibility. However, how you implement and utilize this data is changing. With real-time sales tracking software, you can see problems before they become serious. Instead of an evaluative tool, digital sales tracking is more proactive than punitive. When you can see patterns developing in real-time, you can adjust sales behavior before it spirals out of control.  

In the digital age, tools such as sales tracking are changing the game. Instead of attempting to shift buyer behavior, better oversight and information means your business needs to adapt more to consumer patterns. Ultimately, social business blur the line between sales and marketing.

Rethinking How You Do Business

As social business and big data continue to grow, so too does the need to adapt. The surge in consumer information is only as potent as your team makes it. In other words, to get the most out of big data, you need to forego the one-size-fits-all mentality.

Instead, you need to focus your sales process on a case by case basis. Big data provides more touch points for individual prospects; they’re only useful, however, if they’re acted upon. Businesses that fail to continuously adapt in the age of social business are in for an uphill battle.

No More Guesswork

Social marketing and data mining take the guesswork out of lead generation. Today, instead of figuring out what the pipeline consists of, sales leaders now work to find ways to enable the right buyers. You no longer need to guess who’s in the pipeline–big data already illustrates that–but figure out how to reach them.

As sales leader, your new task is to rethink your sales process in order to reach prospects. It’s about optimizing your transaction and streamlining campaign-to-cash. At the end of the day, sales in the age of social business is about matching your product to your consumer, not the other way around.

If you fear your sales department is lagging behind in the rapidly expanding social business market, find the tools you need to adapt. For more information about field sales apps and lead tracking software, register for our next SaleRabbit webinar and learn how the latest technology is changing how we all do business.

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