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Make the Right Purchase: Sales Buyer’s Guide

Posted by Zac Kerr | March 22, 2018

How Can You Confidently Make the Right Purchase?

The new age of sales is here and everyone is excited to start adding technology to their field and d2d sales process. But most are unsure how to get started. There are a lot of software options out there, and nobody wants to think that they’re making an investment only to find out later that things haven’t really improved.

When used properly, digital and mobile sales enablement products produce the greatest return on investment for your teams. But too often teams go in blind and buy software that provides some initial improvement but eventually loses traction– a problem often ignored by the software provider.

So how can you tell the difference between someone who has your best interests in mind and someone who doesn’t? It’s hard to tell when you’re just starting out, and most people will tell you what you want to hear if that’s what it takes to get your business.

That’s why we wrote a sales app buyer’s guide

It will show you how to recognize characteristics of a healthy and mature sales enablement company so that you can make the best possible investment. It’ll also help you recognize companies who don’t have your success as their top priority so you can avoid wasting time with them.

Download the guide for free here. Let us know what you think in the comments. Do you have more questions that aren’t being addressed? What are you experiencing with your software purchases?

As always, feel free to contact us if you want to talk about specific strategies for your team. You can schedule a free demo through the chat bot in the bottom right corner of your screen or by clicking the button on the top right.

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