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Leveraging Technology For Your Business

Posted by Diana May-Jennings | March 19, 2021

D2D Association + SalesRabbit teach about the importance of tech in sales

Much has changed, thanks to technology. The same technological evolutions have also spilled to the door-to-door sales industry, with sales reps now preferring to work smarter and more efficiently via automation. In this podcast, our very own Zac Kerr and Mike Hilverda give a heap of information on how to leverage technology to transform your direct sales business. 

Zac Kerr and Mike Hilverda have consulted tens of thousands of businesses across their decades-old career, helping them optimize their software solution. They ask the important questions to give you insight about the tech your company uses:

  • How efficiently have you been leveraging technology? 
  • How well have you been choosing software solutions given the specific needs of your company? 
  • How well also have you been integrating new software additions to your existing tech stack?

This podcast will also teach you how to: 

  • To boost reps’ accountability, efficiency, and motivation
  • Have the right conversations with your departments to choose software best optimized to their respective needs
  • Maximize integration and synchronization in a tech stack with other software
  • Choose software providers that audit your systems and identify gaps for integration
  • Leverage data for enhanced lead acquisition and processing, drastically upping your closing ratio
  • Maximize machine learning and artificial intelligence for area selection to increase buyer propensity
  • Leverage technology to coherently harmonize cross campaign lead generation

Listen to the full podcast here for free.

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