Introducing D2D Association

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Introducing D2D Association – Join Today!

Have you ever had people look down on you for being a door-to-door salesman? Or have you ever had people react negatively when you tell them about your job? Some people have just had bad experiences with bad reps and so they label sales as a sketchy industry. 

And this negativity doesn’t just come from customers. There’s a lot of infighting in the industry as companies try and poach each other’s reps or compete unfairly for market dominance. Too often, this behavior does nothing but discredit the industry and harm everyone’s chances at success. Because of this, it’s time we start a new era of collaboration and growth.

The mission of the first ever D2D Association is to promote the interests and advancement of the door to door sales industry by creating standards of professional conduct and giving door-to-door participants a voice within their own industry. That’s why the association aims to create a community of members and contacts that bring awareness and legitimacy to door-to-door sales. 



When you join the association, there are countless benefits available to you. As a member, you’re connected to a group that’s strong, organized, and helpful. Joining this association gives you special discounts and access to events like: the D2D Annual Conference and D2DCon. You can also participate in the D2D Association awards and recognition programs. All of these benefits will expand your industry knowledge, network, and reputation. 

The association is founded by some of the biggest names in the industry: Sam Taggart, Ben Driggs, Lynsi Tuiofu, Jeremy Gardner, and our very own Zac Kerr. They are all determined to set a higher standard and create a brighter future for everyone in outside sales.

Joining is quick and easy. It doesn’t matter if you’re a rep, manager, executive, or business owner. Every level can contribute and benefit from participating. 

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