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Inside vs. Outside Sales Strategies

Posted by Zac Kerr | December 1, 2020

What’s the difference between inside and outside sales strategies

Outside sales can often be referred to as infield salespeople will go out and reach the customer. After deals are closed, outside salespeople will maintain contact in the hopes of future sales. But inside salespeople use several different marketing and advertising campaigns that draw the customer to them. Inside salespeople often connect through the internet or email to better engage with customers as opposed to going out in person to contact them. Both types of sales are valid ways to engage and close sales. Learn more about what you and your company do to contact leads and what strategies are best for you.


Inside vs. Outside Sales

Outside Sales Benefits:

  • Personal face-to-face contact.
  • Great customer retention.
  • Higher conversion rate.
  • Interactive sales pitch.

Inside Sales Benefits:

  • Contactless lead strategy.
  • Ability to contact more leads at a time.
  • Lower costs.
  • Access to more resources.

Now that you know the benefits that come with both lead contacting strategies, there are of course cons. But there are cons to both sides of sales because no method can be perfect.

Outside Sales Cons:

  • Slower contacting rate.
  • Less consistent communication.

Inside Sales Cons:

  • Less personal.
  • Harder to build customer relationships.

What sales strategies do you use?

Either of these methods will bring in customers and make a company successful if they’re done the right way. If you don’t know which form of sales is best for you and your company, learning more about these strategies will help. If it suits the needs of you and your company there are possibilities to use both of these methods together for an ever stronger form of lead generation.


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