Increase Sales by Tracking Sales Stats

User AvatarZac Kerr

If you want to increase outside sales performance, start by tracking sales stats.

We’ve said time and time again that every sales organization needs to have a data-driven sales process established if they want to be performing to the max.

There are a few key reasons for this:

  • If you don’t have the right data, you might not identify the right problems in your organization. As a result, you’re going to waste time and resources trying to solve for the wrong problem.
  • If you’re not recording performance, any goals you set as a company are going to be ambiguous and weak. A good goal is always measurable, and accomplishing big goals usually requires breaking them up into smaller ones. Without data, you don’t know what the ideal small goals are.
  • It’s near impossible to gamify your sales teams if you don’t have a central platform that records performance in a way that everyone can see.
  • Individual reps can’t measure their own performance, discover opportunities for improvement, set appropriate goals, or compare themselves to their peers. This well completely prevent them from developing into a top-level rep.

Thankfully, starting to track data isn’t that difficult. This video from our SalesRabbit Learn library will give you some tips. If you’d like more information, check out our Leaderboards feature or our post on building a data-driven sales process.

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