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Improve Your Sales Process with These 10 Apps

Posted by scott.porter | June 3, 2021

Need Help With Your Sales Process?

We can help and so can some of our favorite apps. These aren’t the only apps we integrate with or recommend but these are some of the best apps to use when organizing you and your sales team from electronic forms, to scheduling, and lead management.

Use These 10 Apps:

  1. Calendly: Quickly and easily create and update events on a shared calendar with Calendly. Easily set up our integration with Calendly now.
  2. Zapier: Everyone has heard of Zapier. It’s a great tool to build your own simple integrations and cut out the middleman of your sales process.
  3. Google Tasks: Keep track of all your important tasks in one place with Google Tasks. Available to anyone with a Google gmail account and can be downloaded for free in the app store.
  4. TopBuilder: TopBuilder is a useful sales and marketing software for contractors everywhere. Their software covers speciality contractors to home and general contractors all alike.
  5. RepCard: We integrate with RepCard to help automate text campaigns, develop a recruitment process, and automate tedious sales tasks.
  6. JobNimbus: Using JobNimbus allows you to capture and upload job photos on site, manage appointments, track all your jobs, and manage production of your services.
  7. SecurityTrax: The SecurityTrax software is a cloud-based platform custom built for the security and home sales industries.
  8. Salesforce: Salesforce is a household name in sales because their software helps you find customers, close more deals, and grow accounts for your business.
  9. SOLO: If you struggle with quickly generating proposals and agreements with your customers, you need SOLO. They are leading the industry in electronic agreements, payments, and proposals.
  10. SalesRabbit: We can’t make a list this great without including our own app. If you’re in any outside sales industry, we have tools and features to make your sales process easier, more intelligent, and extremely efficient.

Even More Apps to Choose From

If you don’t think any of these apps fit your needs, check out our other integrations or our integration marketplace to find the best solution for your business. There are plenty of solutions out there for your company, all you have to do is know what you need and chat with us, we can help guide your sales process.

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