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How to Use Custom Lead Fields

Posted by brady | June 11, 2018

Customize your canvassing efforts

If you’re paying for the Pro Plan, take full advantage of our Custom Fields options to leverage data. By customizing the information you collect during your canvassing efforts, you’ll be able to better understand rep performance, take a more comprehensive approach to your sales, and refine your marketing efforts.

In order to get started, go to app.salesrabbit.com, click “Settings” then “Custom Lead Fields.” Here you will see the range of options you can choose from – for reference, they include:

  • Email
  • Phone
  • Text
  • Number
  • Currency
  • Dropdown
  • Toggle
  • Date
  • Time
  • Date / Time

Simply select one of the above options to have the Custom Field appear on the right side of the page. Click the Custom Field, add the necessary information, and click “Publish” on the bottom right hand corner of your screen when completed. The information will be accessible through the Lead Detail page of your rep’s mobile apps.

Here are some suggestions on what to accomplish using your custom fields:

Customizable order entry

There are about as many order forms as there are companies in the world, and everyone is collecting different information when getting new customers set up. Custom fields makes this process easier for everyone by enabling them to quickly collect all the information they need from clients.

Obtaining reasons why a sale was lost

There are many reasons a potential customer may choose not to go with the sale – they could be turned off by your costs, they could have an alternative solution to what you’re offering, or they could simply have a lifestyle reason. The point is, some reasons they’ll give are in your control and some won’t be. It’s most important to focus on the customer concerns that are in your control so that you can better train your reps on how to be successful with different customer types.

Lost to a competitor and reason

Knowing your competition will allow you to deeper understand what your competition is offering that you are not. Track this valuable information to your advantage to know how to improve your business and offer the most desirable services in your field. It will also allow you to become aware of new competition and track the growth and success of your competitors in a specific area, further informing you about their selling habits or target customer group.

By understanding why a customer chose your competitors, you can also train your reps before sending them out to prepare for and sell around certain features or principles that set you apart from your competition. Be sure to keep collecting this data and keep an eye on the way your competition presents new features or adjusts to your strategies.

Track important data based on your field

Each industry has unique opportunities that custom fields can help you take advantage of. For example, if you are working in solar, there are plenty of pieces of information you need to track to make the sale more effectively. You may create a custom field to track roof types, energy usage for the past three months, and approximate credit score if the customer can run a soft score. This will quickly allow you to narrow down information on the customer to determine if they are well suited for the sale and what type of agreement that would be best for them.

If you are selling pest control, you may want to track what kind of infestations people have experienced – particularly with your sales. If you have this information, you can go to their neighbors, explain what kind of insects, arachnids, rodents, parasites, etc. are in close quarters of their home and leverage the sale by offering prevention of the issues their neighbors have experienced.

If you are selling satellite, you may want to track what genres of shows are of interest to your potential clients so you know which programs to offer. You can also track what kind of programs are most popular among your customers in a specific area, enabling you to cater to the demographics you are selling to and meet their needs more effectively.

Security companies can do something similar– if you offer different product types, tracking which of them creates the most interest can help you know which to promote most in your selling and marketing. You can also collect email addresses and add them to a mailing list.

Say you’ve got a customer who had an incident and your system protected their home. You can then write up an email informing people in the area about the event, providing suggestions on how to protect homes from a similar incident, or offering your services. This is a great way for a company to build a reputation with potential customers before even knocking on the door.

Keep adding and/or refining custom fields

While we’ve provided you with some general ideas and best practices here, the truth is that every company will benefit from putting serious thought into what kind of information they can benefit from. The strength of this feature is that it gives each company the specific tool they need to collect and adapt to the most important data for their team, enabling them to progress and grow faster than before.

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