How to Sell Roofing to the Modern Client

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Learn how to sell roofing to the modern buyer

The 21st century has completely evolved the way a client behaves when considering a major purchase. To increase the success of your company, you need to evolve too. By understanding the modern client and their habits, building an internet presence, and learning smarter team management you’ll adapt and improve your roofing sales process to match this ever-changing industry.

Selling used to be more simple. If you showed up to a door, had a great pitch and attitude with an essential service, you would likely close a deal, face to face with that customer. But the modern buyer would rather not have as much physical contact, and prefer to learn about you on the internet. Learn what your roofing company does that may be outdated and how you can adapt to change with the modern buyer.

Outdated Sales Practices

Modern selling has become all about the buyer, who holds a lot more power than ever before. That means the old way of selling roofing jobs is no longer considerate of modern buying patterns, making them feel outdated, uninformed, and inconsiderate of the client.

So what are the big mistakes companies are making?

  • Not understanding the modern buyer’s journey. If you haven’t written out the details of your target buyer, you’re making your job that much harder. Creating a buyer persona with detailed wants and needs will help guide your future decisions.
  • Pressuring clients without giving them a chance to research your company on their own. Everyone wants a simple and easy deal to close,  and pressuring them to make a choice is the quickest way to lose their interest. Instead, contact with digital marketing before your first pitch and give them direction to your online chatting services so they can have any questions answered.
  • Only visiting or contacting a client once before the first pitch. There is no rule that says you can’t get in contact through digital marketing, flyers, or emails with a client before knocking on their door. Getting familiar with someone will help make your pitch easier and more effective.
  • Not cultivating a strong online presence. Not having a website to advertise your services will leave your company obsolete in this electronic era.

What You Should Change

A large component missing from roof sales has been technology and strategic marketing. Are you trying to market your company online but your customer targeting seems to be a bit off? Marketing on billboards is ineffective for a lot of roofing companies, but targeted online marketing and team management will help you get the kind of visibility that generates deals. Use some of these tactics to better reach the modern client:

  • Have a good company website and internet presence. It’s a guarantee that anyone will read your customer reviews, they will check out every aspect of your company before reaching out.
  • Creating a consistent image between your online brand and your door presence, so that customers recognize your reps and trucks from your website and videos.
  • Spend time listening to your clients wants and needs, and translate that information into helpful content and social media interactions. Make sure your reps are trained on buyer concerns and behavior.
  • Be a resource. If your company can provide valuable information then it’s a great way to build rapport and encourage researchers to visit your site, causing them to view you as an authority figure in your field.
  • Manage your team in the field. There are countless ways to measure and ensure progress from any sales team. From team messaging apps to actual rep tracking software, it is easier than ever to make sure your team is performing at its very best.
  • Add our new in-app weather feature to tell you about the hail size, probability, and wind gusts in any given area throughout the US. Having this information takes you to the leads that need a new roof more than any other prospect before the competition realizes what hit them.

Clients have the ability to compare prices, read reviews, and check your credibility without even talking to you; that was never considered before. So cater to their wants by providing them information and time to consider what you’re offering.

Adapt Your Sales Process Now

There is value in the way the roofing industry used to sell, but it’s time to adapt those methods to coincide with the habits of your buyer. People want to make the best possible decision when it comes to buying a roof. Your job is to give them all the insights and information they need to make a smart decision. But providing information to modern customers starts with marketing on and off line.  If you need help implementing these things into your sales process, schedule a demo with us now.

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