How to Drum up Sales in Social Distance

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How to Drum up Sales while Staying Socially Distant

To help your sales business thrive while staying socially distant, Sam Taggart of D2D Association, Danny Kerr of Breakthrough Academy and our very own Chief Strategy Officer, Zac Kerr, hosted a webinar to bring you insider secrets for winning at sales. In case you missed it, here are the highlights and important details they covered.

Lead Generation with Social Distancing in Mind

According to Sam Taggart, sales companies are finding these four solutions to our current situation: they’re adapting to online,  continuing to knock, pausing until approximately June 1st to avoid liability issues, or have unfortunately shut their doors indefinitely. 


For door-to-door, data is king. Use new or existing data and leverage that data into sales. There are multiple ways to go about getting new information, you can buy data through your apps or Cole Information, or you can rehash existing data with an effective process. Getting new information or making the most of your information will also be helpful to your sales process post-quarantine. Another method of utilizing data is through neighborhood information like white pages, cell phones, emails, etc. Lastly, create data for yourself through collaborations or referrals. Taggart is optimistic that the current state of the industry can be a great opportunity to develop your business for future profits.  

Now that you have your data here’s what to do with it: 

Building a High Performing Sales Team

Danny Kerr from Breakthrough Academy lays out what it takes to make a high performing sales team. His first example, “treat every lead like gold” means that every sale is important and can lead to another sale. For teams to perform better, they need to figure out how much their lead is worth and then look at how they treat them. Are you treating all your leads like $1,500 leads? In this economic downturn, every lead should be treated like a $1,500 lead. 

To organize your team, think through what everyone on your team delivers, then layout (like this org-structure), what each team member is accountable for and should be accomplishing. Each person should have goals that work together to reach the goal of the company. The key to making strong goals is to have each team member be responsible for their own goals. Once everyone has something holding themselves accountable, the company will thrive. This will create a machine where the organizational structure will help lead your future goals and company metrics. 

To further your team, look at recruiting. This may seem counterintuitive because so many companies are closing, but there are an unprecedented number of unemployed people that would make great reps. There are people available now that weren’t a few months ago.

Make an application of your ideal candidate and have your team individually message people who they think would be a good fit. Finding good candidates through word of mouth from your already existing reps is useful. Kerr tells us that for potential candidates skill sets and personality are different. Skill sets can be taught, but personality cannot. Find those that match the personality you’re looking for. 

Managing Sales Teams with Technology

Our Chief Strategy Officer, Zac Kerr, tells us how to manage your sales team through online technology. Our favorite COVID pitches are through fundraisers and Facetime with your client while you’re showing them their pest or roof damages. During this time as you’re thinking about your sales process and business model, are you playing the long game or short game?

Answering this question will help you redefine what your goals are and how you need to change your process in this current climate. Consider your marketing funnel, your digital activity, and what opportunities you’re taking advantage of. According to Zac Kerr those that take advantage of their digital marketing door-to-door and face-to-face funnel will help you adapt and win during COVID-19. 

Here is how we view the digital marketing landscape:

Integrations with companies that focus on digital presentation tools is a great way to improve your sales funnel. These integrations will provide solutions to any adaptation to your sales process that you’ve had to make because of COVID-19. If you’re struggling to manage your team using technology, check out our platform. We have solutions for every step of the process from lead to close to make sure your team is successful. Through team and lead management, qualification checks, presentation tools, form and contract builders, and data integrations, your sales team and process is handled. 

Time for Action

Now’s the time to use these playbook ideas from three of the biggest names in the sales industry. All of these ideas have been successful for various companies during this socially distant time. Whether you’re struggling with generating leads or managing your team with or without technology, you can use this advice to solve your problems. Now’s the time for action. If you’re interested in learning more about these strategies and other insights, you can watch the whole video for free here

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