Hearth Webinar: Prepping for 2021

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Hearth hosts industry experts to discuss the future of sales in 2021

Undoubtedly 2020 has been a hurricane of good and bad for everyone. Thankfully, the home improvement industry got lucky, with year-over-year growth of over 20% in this historic year. However, 2021 is shaping up to be completely unknown with change in political leadership, unknown job growth reports, and a virus that has completely disrupted our lives. 

The Hearth team along with representatives from Podium, JobNimbus, SalesRabbit, and Solo have compiled the best in the industry to deliver a 5-Part webinar series to serve as a playbook for the best-practices to ensure a successful 2021. We’ll be covering everything from successful lead generation, to selling systems, to saving timing and money on the tedious operations of your business.

Webinar Contributors

We’re bringing together some of the best names in home improvement technology to discuss eliminating the tedious, manual tasks of your business, improving upon your current processes, and focusing on what you’re best at, building. You’ll hear from:

  • Eric Rea: Co-Founder and CEO at Podium, an SMS and customer communications tool, backed by Google, identified by Forbes as the next Billion Dollar Startup in 2018, that has changed how contractors communicate with their homeowners and teams. Their tool layers throughout a contractor’s business to create the best possible customer communication, internal team communication, increases operating efficiency, and increases both sales and retention.
  • Mark Olson: VP Marketing at JobNimbus, one of the leading CRMs in home improvement. JobNimbus is incredibly tech-forward, but not intimidating, and is one of the most functional tools available, managing the ENTIRE customer journey.
  • Mike Hilverda: Our very own Director of Customer Success Mike Hilverda is the leader in sales enablement technology and door-to-door sales. At SalesRabbit we leverage data to plan and optimize sales strategy while helping businesses create more leads and sell more effectively.
  • David Wilson: Director of Sales at Solo, a point of sales software that enables companies to provide digital estimates, proposals, and contracts. Their technology allows customers to better understand what they’re purchasing and streamlines a business’ sales processes.

Register Now

Tomorrow, Wednesday November 11th at 12pm MST is the date for this informative webinar. Time is running out to join in on part two of the five part series discussing sales industries with the experts. Only one registration is required to participate in all of the parts in this series. Register now to get your slot for part two and more.

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