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Knocked Any Doors Lately?

Posted by brady | March 23, 2015

SalesRabbit will improve your door knocking experience

If you have spent any time knocking door to door you know how difficult it can be. You understand the roller coaster of emotions that happens within a single day or even a single hour. You know how it feels to get turned down door after door, or accidentally knocking on the same door twice in one day because you forgot you even knocked it (let’s be honest we’ve all done it). We know how this feels because us at Sales Rabbit have been in your shoes. We have pounded the pavement, we have bruised our knuckles and we have been out past dark trying to make that one last sale to win the daily competition. This is why we have worked so hard to create SalesRabbit, we used to be door-to-door sales reps ourselves.

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We have reached a new day where now you can utilize technology to work smarter, not harder. Let us help you find where your customers are at, whom you need to follow up with and who not to talk to. There is no reason to be carrying around a big clunky binder with a bunch of paper contracts stacked inside or one of those clipboards with the calculator on top. Use a device you are already carrying around and start turning more of your prospects into sales with the SalesRabbit mobile app. If you want to have these amazing features and so much more, download our free app now. It’s available on Apple App Store and Google Play. There’s no better time to make your sales process more mobile and efficient.


Shane Morris says:

Hello, I may be interested in your software. Please contact me because I have questions about price.

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