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Getting the Most From Your D2D App

Posted by Zac Kerr | April 27, 2018

Door-to-door apps are a growing presence in the sales world, and every serious company has started using them to maximize their results.

Unfortunately, most of these companies frequently use these apps just for lead tracking, but a door-to-door app has much more value than solely tracking leads. The most successful sales reps make sure they are using all the available features to their advantage. Here are some ways you can get the most from your door-to-door app and take your performance to the next level.

Use Sales Materials in the Beginning

If you sell door-to-door, you’ve had it happen before – someone answers the door, and in the middle of your pitch you are suddenly interrupted. You hear they’re not interested right before the door slams in your face. Getting the door open can feel like an accomplishment in itself, but having a door open won’t result in a sale unless you can convince the person to listen to you.

Now consider this instead: you have materials on your device that you can utilize to draw the potential customer’s interest. Perhaps they’re looking at pricing or packages – and as they’re looking at what you’re showing them, you can even hand them your device so they feel they are unable to close the door because they have a piece of your equipment. Now you’re able to have control of the situation and can move on to what you’re trying to accomplish: presenting your pitch.

Utilize your Calendar Feature

When someone has an interest in the product you’re selling but you happen to catch them in a moment that is not ideal for them to speak with you, appointments are key in achieving that sale. Using your calendar feature within your door-to-door sales app will help you organize when you need to follow up with potential clients and keep you organized for your follow through.

Set your reminders with enough time beforehand to review the Lead Details – make sure you know how to pronounce their name correctly, read the notes of your interaction, and have a strategy for leveraging the sale. Since there is an appointment made, you will likely know what type of person you’re selling to – cater to their personality types and know if you need to be short and to the point, or if you need to be thorough and detailed.

Organize your Day through Filters

When working out in the field, you are dealing with a limited number of potential leads. That means it’s crucial for you to maximize the number of conversations you have in a given area, ensuring that you take advantage of the resources you’ve been given.

Going back to your Leads data and looking for homes that either had residents who couldn’t talk or weren’t home is the best way to do this. Often when you are revisiting these homes, you want to make sure you aren’t distracted by other Leads listed in the app. You can work an area more effectively by changing your filter settings to display info for only the homes you want to go to.

Don’t Underestimate Professionalism

Many people are naturally on edge when there is a stranger approaching their home, but with the proper tools, attire, and good grooming, people will feel more comfortable to talk to you about whatever it is you’re selling. Leverage your company’s logo and wear swag to further promote your company’s brand. Also, wear colors that complement the logo to allow it to stand out.

When you start a conversation using your app as a visual tool, flashing your company’s logo will add leverage to your position as a representative of your company. The combination of a professional-looking app and a professional appearance will eliminate any concerns a customer may have about getting scammed. They will notice there is legitimacy behind your words and trust they’re getting involved with something worthwhile.

Never go out on the field without showering, brushing your teeth, and mouth washing first – talking to someone while looking fresh will also make them more receptive to you. When you look sharp, you will feel sharp and the potential customer will notice.

When you are organized in your appearance and in the work you do, your sales will undoubtedly increase. It’s important to consider what matters to the customer more than what matters to you because the ball starts in their court. But if you’re smart in your approach and strategically use your D2D app to its fullest, the ball will end up in yours.

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