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Get Industry-Leading Weather Reports Now

Posted by brady | July 9, 2021

Get accurate weather reports, delivered in seconds.

Are you struggling with getting reports on weather damage to your customers roof or house? This can slow down your sales process as well. That’s why we’ve developed industry-leading weather reports powered by top names in insurance data. Our weather mapping and weather reports solutions make things easier by automating the tasks that usually slow it down. Now you can sell faster and sell more.

How Our Reports Work

We provide lead-specific forensic reports to your mobile device at the click of a button. Just submit a request and get a report within seconds. This feature is accessible at any time of day and any day of the week, including weekends. These reports are:

  • Powered by insurance data, so you’re getting the same data as insurance analyzers. 
  • Saved as exportable PDF attachments to lead info. No need to track them down and manually update the lead information.
  • Available at any time, even weekends.

Use Our Weather Reports Now

Don’t worry about submitting requests for reports that take forever when your customer needs the damaged repaired. Check out our weather reports now to save you and your customers time after a damaging storm. Or if you want to learn more about this feature, schedule a free demo with us today.

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