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4 Ways to Go From Poser To Closer: Part One

Posted by Brady Anderson | June 24, 2015

How to Become a Real Closer in Sales

What enters your mind when you see this picture? If you answered along the lines of a professional basketball player with no athleticism posing as an all-star, you’re correct. Congratulations!

Who is this guy trying to kid? You won’t see him at Staples Center or Oracle Arena anytime soon. This man is destined for pickup games at the local rec center. So it’s perfectly okay to call this guy a poser, but don’t take our word for it.

The highly reputable urban dictionary defines a poser as “One who pretends to be someone whose not” and  “who tries to fit in but with exaggeration.” And the door-to-door industry is no stranger to posers. So how do you go from poser to closer? We talked with the top closers in the door-to-door industry and created this list to help you. Pack a Snickers Bars and Powerade because your quest from poser to closer begins now!

Ask Good Questions

Don’t try to close a sale by cramming every feature of a product down a potential customer’s throat unless you want to put people to sleep or have doors repeatedly slammed in your face. Ask questions and get to know the person! Asking questions shows the potential customer you care about their specific needs.

People don’t care how much you know until they know how much you care.
– John C. Maxwell

And the more questions you ask before closing a sale, the more likely they are to answer questions about why they need your amazing product. Asking questions allows the customer to close sales for you, and that is a beautiful thing.

Now that you know a customer’s self-interests/trigger points you need to ask a trial close.

Example: “If I show you a way to protect your family from different venomous pests so you can have comfort when your children play in the backyard, that is worth signing up for now, right?”

When they answer “yes” tell them you have what they want and close the sale.

But DON’T close with: “Would you like to sign up today?” or “Do you want to buy this service?” Present the customer with two options that they can only answer with a “yes.”

Better Example: “Do you want to sign up for the pest standard or premium package today?”

Regardless of their answer, you closed the sale! The more questions you ask, the more you transform from a poser to a closer.

Address the Needs of Potential Customers

Read the following vanilla sales pitch out loud and ask if you would be interested.

“I am in the area trying to get people the newest equipment at the cheapest price.”

There is nothing special about that statement! Put some sriracha in your pitch by being a specialist for that customer’s needs. You already know the customer has small children (you know because of the good questions you asked) so package it toward them.

“I am in the area helping upgrade equipment and packages for families so they can get more children programming like “Doc Mcstuffins” and “Spongebob”. Plus, you will be able to record all their favorite shows at the same time with our newest DVR equipment.”

Find their self-interest/trigger point and stick with it!

Build Credibility By Name Dropping

Did you know that the decision-making process of a potential customer’s is most heavily influenced by peers, neighbors, and friends?

People don’t care what you say about your product because they just met you, but they do care what their peers and neighbors (aka opinion leaders) say and think.When possible, use testimonials of others who recently signed up.

Example: Your neighbor Gertrude noticed an increase in her satellite bill over the past three months. I am in the neighborhood helping people get new customer promotions and upgraded equipment while reducing monthly payments. Gertrude signed up and loves saving money and the upgraded equipment.

Your ability to help potential customers realize opinion leaders already made a buying decision takes you from poser to closer!

Move From the First Point of Contact

We know you love stats so here is one you will find significant.

You will close 78% of your sales if you move from the first point of contact.

Don’t believe us? Have your reps monitor this stat for one week and see the difference it makes. And moving from the first point of contact is easily done if your reps are observant.

If you sell pest control, take a stroll around the house and point out wasp nest or likely locations of venomous pests. If you sell alarm systems, highlight the most likely break in points and show how your equipment will monitor those points. And don’t be shocked when most potential customers walk with you and listen to your advice. Try this, it works!

Did you find this useful? Anything you would add? Leave a comment and let us know.

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