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Five Things Sales Reps Want Now

Posted by Brady Anderson | April 23, 2015

SalesRabbit: Built by sales reps, for sales reps.

Sales reps, we understand and hear you! We created SalesRabbit because we’ve also knocked doors and know the top five things you want to make your selling life easier. With our complete outside sales app, you don’t have to compromise on your needs and wants anymore. Get what you deserve and what’s going to make you the best sales rep you can be.

1. Electronic contracts

Sales reps rarely say ‘I enjoy keeping track of paperwork and turning it in’. Reps want to spend their time finding new leads and closing sales, not worrying about paperwork. Paper contracts take up space, are easily damaged, disorganized or misplaced. With the SalesRabbit platform, reps have instant access to automated forms and contracts that captures customers signatures. Each signed electronic contract gets sent to the customer automatically. The paperwork also syncs with the home office and entire company so you don’t have to enter any information twice.

2. Quick Credit Checks

Sales reps don’t want to spend 20 minutes qualifying a potential customer only to discover they don’t qualify. Reps want the qualifying process to be quick and painless. SalesRabbit allows reps to check if a lead is qualified in 10-15 minutes with a soft credit check.  Reps can say ‘goodbye’ to long qualifying times and say ‘hello’ to more opportunities to find potential leads.

3. A Leadership Board

Whether it’s installs, doors knocked or number of homes talked to, sales reps love to see reports. With the Sales Rabbit platform, reps can stay connected with up-to-date with leadership boards. Without accessible reports, reps can feel isolated when knocking doors. Feeling out of the loop with the home office or the rest of the company deals a blow to reps morale. When morale is low, performance is low. When reps see their standings in on our leadership board, it helps them feel like they are a piece of a unified whole and aligned with team objectives. Plus a little competition never hurt anybody.

4. Team Messaging

As sales reps are busy multitasking different leads and customers daily, it is difficult and overwhelming to remember everything that needs to happen to increase sales. The last thing reps want is for potential leads to get lost during a busy day because of misplaced sticky notes with vague scribbles. Through team messaging, our platform allows for messaging between users, messaging between managers, sending pictures or files, and reactions to GIFs (only the funny ones).

5. Planned Routes and Lead Tracking

There’s nothing worse than an unprepared rep. If this has ever described you, you don’t need to worry anymore. With our route management tool is the most efficient way to plan your day. You’ll be assigned a pre-determined area to go knock at. You’ll be notified of the area you’re assigned and once you’ve got your leads, appointment notifications will be enabled to help you stay more organized. Within the area you’ve been assigned, you’ll be able to manage your leads by dropping a pin on their location and putting information about their status (interested, not interested, come back later). Then you can change lead statuses and track them as you move them through your sales funnel. Never worry about being unprepared or unorganized again.

Try it Out Today

With the SalesRabbit platform fulfilling the top five wants of sales reps, they can spend more time doing what they do best: making sales! To learn more, request a demo visit and one of our team members will walk you through how to simplify sales and help reps increase sales.

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