Feature Update – Filtering Leads

User AvatarBrady Anderson

In outside sales, managing huge batches of leads is crucial to success.

When you’re managing large teams (or even small aggressive teams) you’re going to be building huge lead lists with tons of information. Managing all that information can be a huge pain. Outside sales teams are constantly on the move, and too many leads get lost in the shuffle– this costs companies a lot of money over time. 

One of the key missions of our product is to make your life easier by managing huge batches of lead information. But we weren’t quite doing that in a way that eliminated problems like lead loss, so we’ve made some updates to help you make sure more leads make it through your funnel. In other words, we’ve made it possible to manage thousands of leads without any of them getting lost in the stack.

Here’s what we did: it used to be that you’d have to sift through all your leads manually in order to find a particular one. This would take way too long and leave you with a headache. Obviously, that wasn’t good enough. So with the new lead list, you can now search for leads based on their name, business name, address, city, and phone number.

You can also filter through all your leads based on the date they were created, the date they were last updated, and the date of their appointment.

If you’re already a user, here’s a video on how to take advantage of the new update. Karlie (one of our resident SalesRabbit experts) will show you how to setup lead filters for your business:

If you’re not a user yet, feel free to look around the site and reach out with questions. We’re happy to chat and are confident that we’ve built a complete tool set that will transform your outside sales teams into highly productive machines.

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