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Encouraging Sales Rep Growth

Posted by Sean | July 19, 2018

5 Tips for Sales Rep Growth

Depending on how long you’ve been in the business, you can run into a few roadblocks as you’re working your way down the sales representative career path, which can easily lead to stagnation and job dissatisfaction. Here at SalesRabbit, we believe there are better ways to reinvigorate and boost the overall behavior of your sales team than with a standard sales tracking system. Here are a few ideas you can put to good use to inspire and get your team motivated, which works to the benefit of everyone at every level of the company.

Make a Game of Things

There’s nothing like the promise of a good reward to motivate not only sales professionals, but professionals in any industry. With gamification, you turn everyday work tasks into games to engage your sales reps in new and exciting ways, which can go a long way in changing the way they think and perform their jobs.

With precise gamification, your employees will have a better idea of the areas in which they excel and those in which they need a bit of work, which allows them to know where and how to focus their energies and efforts while on the clock. Another great thing about gamification is that it puts the competitive edge every good salesperson needs to even better use. No matter how you decide to turn your team’s day-to-day tasks into games, it’s best that you use a real-time leaderboard and social element as tools for tracking sales reps.

Create and Maintain Trust

Just like any relationship, professional or personal, there needs to be a level of trust for everyone involved to be motivated to do their best in the relationship. In terms of sales, when your team trusts you and trusts that you’re looking out for them, they’re more likely to bring their best to the table every day.

To nourish that sense of trust, you want to engage with your representatives in a way that’s honest and organic, free of any type of subterfuge or evasion. Remember, salespeople often have fine-tuned instincts, and they’re likely to easily detect if something is going on with their company or their leads.

Define Company and Personal Purpose

It’s not enough to just expect your team to simply sell, there has to be a reason for the sales. Define and find ways to reinforce your company mission and culture, focusing on why the company was started in the first place.

Once you’ve got that down, you want your sales reps to have their own purpose for coming to work every day. Are they just as passionate as you are about your products or services? Are they looking for ways to advance their career? Could it be that your salespeople want to take advantage of every learning opportunity they can get their hands on?

No matter what their individual purpose is, ask your team to find a way to integrate it with your company mission so everyone is in lockstep, which is a fantastic way to improve and maintain productivity.

Recognize Achievements

Be sure to take every possible opportunity to acknowledge employees who go the extra mile, reach an achievement milestone, or successfully fulfill a personal or company goal. It might seem as though commission is enough of a reward, but employees like to know that managers and company leaders are paying close attention to their efforts. Take the team out for a nice dinner every now and then when they do an especially great job, and be sure to personally recognize individuals who performed especially well in front of everyone. While they might act a bit embarrassed to be singled out, they’re sure to be thankful nonetheless. 

Remember the Hierarchy of Needs

Gamification, well-defined purpose, door canvassing tools, achievement recognition and building trust can only go so far when it comes to improving sales rep behavior. You’ve also got to ensure your team is taking care of their basic human needs. For instance, ensure your reps are getting enough sleep so they can perform at their best, that they’re getting in some exercise and fresh air so they can feel their best and that they’re eating right. What employees do off the clock has just as much of an impact on their performance as what they do on the clock.

Excited to put these tips to the test? If you’re interested in learning even more useful ways to encourage sales rep improvement, reach out to SalesRabbit.

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