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Elevate Your Lead Management with Exciting Updates

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We’ve added some transformative updates to SalesRabbit’s Lead Card feature. These enhancements are designed to streamline your lead management, improve clarity, and provide a more user-friendly experience. Let’s explore five ways these updates can benefit you and your business.

Lead Card and Detail Updates

1. Multi-Disposition: Seamless Interaction Tracking

One of the standout features of this update is the Multi-Disposition capability. Now, you can click the same status multiple times and effortlessly track every interaction through the Activity center. This means you can gain deeper insights into your lead’s journey, helping you tailor your approach and communication more effectively.

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2. Owner Display: Enhanced Clarity and Organization

Lead ownership is now front and center with the Owner Display feature. When viewing a lead card, you’ll immediately know who is responsible for it. This promotes clarity and organization within your team, ensuring that everyone is on the same page when it comes to lead management.

3. DGAI Toggle & New View: Streamlined User Experience

The DGAI Toggle has undergone a revamp, making it even more user-friendly. This enhancement ensures that you can quickly and easily switch between views, enhancing your workflow. Additionally, there’s a brand-new view that promises to further streamline your lead management process. Say goodbye to unnecessary clicks and hello to a more efficient experience.

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4. Updated Contact Options: Clear Communication Channels

Effective communication with leads is vital, and the app understands that. With updated Contact Options, all communication channels are now clearly labeled. Whether you’re sending an email, making a call, or reaching out via social media, you’ll know exactly where to click. This simplifies your communication process and minimizes the chances of overlooking important contact methods.

5. Lead Status Legend: Instant Understanding

To make your lead management even more accessible, a Lead Status Legend has been included. This feature provides a quick and easy way to understand lead statuses at a glance. No more scratching your head trying to decipher what each status means. With the legend, you can quickly determine where each lead stands in your pipeline.

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Update SalesRabbit and Check It Out

These new Lead Card updates are set to revolutionize the way you manage and engage with your leads. From seamless interaction tracking to enhanced clarity, these features aim to make your life easier and more productive. So, don’t wait any longer โ€” check out these enhancements today and experience a more efficient and organized lead management process. ๐Ÿ‘‰SalesRabbit Platform

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