Digital Forms and Contracts Upgrade

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Digital forms feature upgraded

Our form builder and contract creator makes it possible for every sales team to go completely digital and completely mobile. Shed your paper costs, eliminate data entry errors, collect electronic signatures, and accelerate your sales. We’ve updated this feature to be even quicker and more intuitive for your sales process.

What We’ve Upgraded

  • Optimized Forms Submissions: We have made improvements to make forms work a lot faster. Whether a user is submitting data through to their companies CRM or completing a Digital Contract, they want that to happen within seconds instead of minutes. A better experience for the rep is a better experience for the customer.
  • Custom Form Responses: We allow external sources to send us messages that appear in the forms (such as error messages, notification of receipt, etc). Before, almost any user submitting a form would get back a stock “Form Submitted” response in green after a form has been fully submitted. Not only can the customer now tell the rep that something went wrong, but they can build custom error messaging that tells the rep exactly what they need to do to correct the mistake. This keeps them moving forward and reduces calls to either our support team or the customer’s.
  • Better Post Code Support: Expanded postcode capabilities especially important for International customers and allowed validation as well as letters to be included.
  • In app Navigation: The feature is accessible to the General Audience now so there’s no need to contact a CSM or Support to set up the forms for you. Technically anyone on our Pro Plan can access the Form Builder on the web app by going to the right URL. We put a tab on the Settings page so there is navigation built into the web app. We’ve made it more widely accessible, visible, and added Help Center content so anyone can build their own forms, attach them to integrations, and ad Digital Contracts.

Try it Out Now

Get access to this mobile streamlining tool now to: build custom forms and contracts, create a modern company profile, sync information across your company, minimize transaction time, and provide mobile esignatures today. The modern buyer participates in digital business, which means they’re much more confident and impressed with electronic deal processing. We’ll help you give your customers the best buying experience possible.

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