DataGrid Just Got Better

User AvatarBrady Anderson

We’re excited to announce big changes to DataGrid

DataGrid is one of our most intelligent sales resources. Here’s what we’re doing differently. It used to be that we sourced our data from a single vendor, who pulled their data from one source. This was returning a good accuracy percentage rating, but not as high as we wanted. So now we’re going to start pulling data with a number of sources. On top of that, we’ve built algorithms to help analyze those sources and determine which of them is most likely to be correct. This will significantly increase the accuracy of the data we’re providing our clients.

On top of the accuracy improvements, the new data will be updated more frequently and more consistently. The old DataGrid was updated usually every six months or so. From now on, it’ll be updated every quarter. This will also increase data accuracy for our clients and also increase confidence in the consistency and timing of the updates.

You will also have new data points, including a “Blurred Credit Rating.” This isn’t an official credit rating, but it will help you ballpark a prospect’s credit rating based on local demographic information. This will make it much easier to target prospects within a certain credit bracket, and allow you to feel more confident that you’re spending time and resources selling to qualified buyers.

There will be several other new data points, including:

  • Primary language
  • # of credit lines
  • Credit card premium
  • Net worth
  • Charitable donations
  • Building value
  • Infants/children in home
  • Cable TV
  • Frequent remodeler
  • Political donor
  • And more

In total, DataGrid now has 30 potential data points available for display.

This new-and-improved DataGrid is going to be a huge boost for all of our clients using it. If you’ve got any questions about the updates or want to learn more about how to get DataGrid rolling for your team, reach out to us. We’re confident it will be a game changer.

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