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D2DCon Highlight

Posted by scott.porter | February 15, 2018

The Best of D2D Con 2018

In order for you to understand why we threw all our support into D2DCon, you have to understand the current state of the D2D industry. It’s an exciting time for the world of door-to-door sales. The industry is growing, and people are starting to realize it’s a legitimate profession and a powerful marketing tool for a lot of industries. But all this growth the industry is experiencing won’t amount to anything if it isn’t built on unity. The D2D industry has struggled to develop that unity in the past, and the effects have been felt. So the D2D Conference has become a way for us to unite in our common sales ground and build a learning platform together.

Why Attend D2D Con?

We knew that there is a lot of talent, drive, and power in the industry, and we wanted to take that raw energy and use it to create the most meaningful experience possible. We saw a group of tribes that could easily form a unified community, a lot of determination and talent that was lacking experience, and companies that were ready for a new level of professionalism. Attending a conference like D2D Con is guaranteed to give you networking opportunities, marketing, and personal growth as a salesperson.

We were taught from some of the biggest names in and out of the industry. We rubbed shoulders with fellow door-knockers— some veterans and some just getting started. Everything came together even better than we’d hoped and now we see great things coming in the D2D world. And SalesRabbit is determined to continue working with D2D experts and keep building this community— one full of people dedicated to bringing honor to their profession and building a community that brings growth and opportunity for everyone involved.

See You Next Year!

If you’re a lifelong D2D pro or you’re just getting started, reach out to us! We’d love to help you build your operation so that you can experience as much success as possible. And we hope to see you at the next big sales event.

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