D2DCon 2019 Highlight

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We had another great year at D2DCon 2019. It’s always an honor to be among fellow door-knockers and feel the energy that’s in the community. We were stoked about the turnout in our booth– we gave out hundreds of t-shirts, met a lot of cool people and companies, and showed everyone that we’re a force to be reckoned with on the foosball table.

We were especially excited to announce Boost, our latest big feature for D2D companies.


With Boost, your company can send out location-based ad campaigns that will reach whichever smart devices you want. That means you can send out ads for your company before your reps knock a certain area, and keep those ads going after they leave. That way, you can maintain constant front-of-mind status with your potential clients. It’s going to completely change the way you sell. We’ve already had clients see exciting results when using Boost for their recruiting and selling.

It was also enlightening to see the powerful lineup of speakers, especially Jordan Belfort, the Wolf of Wall Street. Thanks to D2D Experts, you can watch his entire training here and other trainings at the D2DCon website:


We also loved the breakout sessions. A lot of us have been in the door-to-door world for a long time and it’s great to see friends of ours become leaders in the industry and guide others to the same success that we’ve all found after putting in years of effort. There were a lot of seasoned vets and a lot of first-year sellers, and they all share the same hunger.

Throughout all the sessions we learned a lot from veteran reps who went from zero to hero because they attacked the doors and never looked back.

When we as a company think about what it is we want to accomplish, we really want to help create more stories like that. We’re trying to build a product that makes the path from zero to hero much more accessible, much more frequent for reps, and much more smooth. We know work ethic will always play a part in this process, but we want to make sure that your work ethic is never wasted and that it produces the most effective results possible. The right tech can completely change your approach and change your trajectory as a result. 

We love the industry we’re in, and all the growth we’ve seen this year, both in our company and our clients’ companies. We hope you had a great D2DCon and look forward to the future.

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