D2D Con: The Premier Event for D2D Sales

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Be here. If you’re in D2D Sales, you don’t really have any other option.

Everybody needs to feel like they’re constantly improving, especially in the D2D world. And maybe you are– maybe you’re coming off a great summer and you’ve got sight of new boundaries. Or maybe you’re coming off a hard summer and questioning what it would take to get better.

No matter where you’re at, we want to see you improve, and that’s why we’ve invested a lot of our time and resources in bringing you D2D Con. We work with the top companies in the door-to-door industry, and we know that it’s full of people determined to grow, determined to learn, and determined to push themselves to the next level.

But determination doesn’t always lead to the fastest results and at some point, everyone’s path to the top requires a breakthrough– a wake-up experience. Something that changes their perspective and forces them to look at things differently.

SalesRabbit is all about helping people have that life-changing experience. We’ve engineered your evolution by assembling some of the greatest names that have made it their life’s purpose to break through and help others to do the same. With a lineup of speakers and workshops led by everyone from elite athletes to business gurus to D2D icons, you’re guaranteed inspiration and direction.

This is the first event of its kind and we’re stoked to start building a community that can come together and create an environment of learning and improvement. We know there’s a huge opportunity for this; the industry is growing bigger every year and the problems that salespeople face are common across industries. We are confident that we can build something that will benefit everyone involved.

But we only want attendees who are concerned about progress and growth. Don’t come expecting to recruit or promote. That’s the reason events like this haven’t happened yet, and we’re not going to allow it here. We want you to know that you can send your guys to D2D Con with confidence knowing that they’ll come back better.

So register here (claim that early bird pricing!) and come pumped up and ready for the biggest weekend of the year: January 26-27, 2018 at the Salt Palace.

Set aside a weekend to hit Utah’s world-famous slopes, catch a film at the Sundance Film Festival, and most importantly, participate in the event that will have the biggest impact on your performance in 2018. This is an investment in your future that you can’t miss out on.

UPDATE: D2D Con highlights can be found here.

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