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Culture Post: Things We Love

Posted by scott.porter | March 13, 2019

We love sales, but that’s not all we love

Here’s another dose of the things we’ve been curious about, psyched about, and talking about here at SalesRabbit. We hope you’ll love them too.

Why Not Zero.2 – ‘Future History’

Russell Westbrook has his fair share of fans and haters, but we think his latest signature shoes have a universal cool factor. We’ve also seen some amazing 90s themes being worn by Westbrook on the court and leaked online, like these Super Soaker and Gameboy styles. Shop for them here.

Segway miniPRO

You’re already walking a lot, so why walk any more than you need to? We’ve got a few of these around the office and we recommend them wholeheartedly.

Finding Cheap Flights

A bunch of us flew to Europe for ~$400 each last fall, so we’re all hyped on finding the cheapest travel experiences possible. We found our flights through Flights From Home, which mainly features flights based out of SLC. We’ve also heard good things about SkyScanner, and Kiwi.com combines all airlines and lets you book as though they were one, so you can build cheaper routes. Bottom line, you shouldn’t be overpaying for life-changing travel experiences.


It’s that time again. Trash will be talked. Favorites will fall. Cinderellas will climb. And most of our brackets will find their way to the trashcan before the end of the 2nd round. If you’re more optimistic than most of us here, you can build brackets and create bracket groups on sites like Yahoo! and ESPN.

What do you love?

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