Creating a Positive Sales Experience Post Covid-19

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3 Ways to sell post-covid in 2021

If you’ve been struggling with your sales or just wanting to find new ways to increase your team’s closing options, we have 3 ways for you to create a positive post-covid sales experience. The key is to make the buying process easier and more accessible for reps and customers by giving options. No one on either side of the deal wants a difficult buying process, that hasn’t changed post covid, so use these tricks to increase your sales and decrease stress.

#1 Learn to Properly Conduct Zoom Meetings

Zoom calls have been a great resource since in-person meetings aren’t as common anymore. Who better to teach you about conducting zoom calls than zoom themselves. They provide basic rules and tips like: having your video on, have a great background, give 100% of your attention to the meeting and act natural for a positive conference call. Since we use zoom everyday we have some tips we’ve learned to make every meeting better.

Our Additional Tips:

  • Sit up straight and look at the camera attentively.
  • Don’t feel like you can’t be animated and lighten the mood with appropriately timed jokes.
  • Open with small talk, get to know your prospect.
  • Avoid being robotic and monotone in your speech.
  • Use body language: change positions occasionally.
  • Always be in control of the conversation.

#2 Offer Scheduled Home Visits

Although a great portion of the population doesn’t want sales reps in their home, there are others that miss the social interaction and would be okay with a home visit as long as it’s scheduled. Offering scheduled home visits is a great way to connect with a prospect in person and gives them options.

This is also a great method for your customers that don’t like buying over the phone or want to meet someone from your company in-person before committing, this is a perfect option to have in your back pocket: so don’t be afraid to ask for a home visit to see if they’re open to it.

#3 Have Remote Signing Available

Having to take paper contracts to customers’ homes to finalize a sale is a pain. Plus if you need to make any amendments to their contract, it has to be written up again, reps and customers both hate dealing with this. That’s why having a digital signing option is a much easier and smarter option for both parties.

If you don’t already have a remote signing experience, add-on the Digital Contracts feature to your SalesRabbit account and have the option to email contracts to the signer and an unlimited number of co-signers. Signing digitally has never been easier.

Consider More Options

If you liked these tips and want more insights into how we can improve your business no matter the circumstances, schedule a free demo with us now and speak with our talented team. Or check out our list of add-on features that will enhance your SalesRabbit experience and overall sales process.

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