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What is Contractors Cloud?

Contractors Cloud is a web-based data management tool that consolidates and automates all the things you do with your business. From lead tracking to paying commissions and everything in between, they’re there every step of the way. The majority of Contractors Cloud clients are retail and insurance-based roofing, siding, exteriors, and restoration contractors. However, the system works beautifully for any sales-oriented general contractor.

Contractors Cloud is versatile and customizable enough to allow you to tune the processes to your style and liking. Even though most of our customers are exteriors contractors, we have a number of landscapers, painters, asphalt contractors, and many others benefiting from our system. In summary, it is a robust CRM cloud-based software designed to fit the sales, admin, production needs of specialty trade businesses.

A Company History

Born out of the ashes of “The Great Recession” in 2010, CEO Dwight Gunnarson took a risk to make something happen. With vast knowledge and experience in construction, sales, customer service, process improvement and combined with a ton of hard work, Gunnarson learned web-development on his own to create the first version of Contractors Cloud. Fast forward to 2020, Contractors Cloud now has a national footprint with our innovative specialty trade CRM.

Key Features

Contractors Cloud software increases accountability by automating unique processes to trigger communication and track projects. Their software is loaded with many features and a wide variety of unique customizations and configurations within each.  

  • Quickbooks Integration: Auto-sync job financial info to Quickbooks Desktop or Quickbooks Online.
  • Custom Commission & Payouts: Adaptable commission structures that allow specific requirements for commission payouts and notifies individuals once requirements have been met.
  • Vendor Portal: Vendors can access work orders, provide invoices, upload pictures and files, and send notifications when production is complete.
  • Estimating & Proposals: Create and upload estimates, pictures, and documents to produce custom digital proposals.
  • Production Scheduling & Materials Ordering: Build material orders, schedule crews and track production as well as send communications right from the work order.
  • Customer Portal: Offer a portal where customers can track projects, view invoices, proposals, pictures and more.
  • Superb Customer Service: Another differentiator is our relentless dedication to customer service. Our customers enjoy limitless interactions with our support team. 

Try Contractors Cloud Now

If you’re interested in any of the features and services offered by Contractors Cloud, schedule a time to chat with them now and see if they’ll be a great fit for you and your company. If you’re already a SalesRabbit user, then using Contractors Cloud will be even easier. With our partnered integration you can easily use your established software with us and Contractors Cloud together in the most efficient way possible.

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