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Concerns Managers Need to Resolve Pt.2

Posted by Sean | July 6, 2015

4 Ways Reps Can Cause Problems for Their Managers and What to Do About It

In our previous post, Concerns Managers Need To Resolve: Part One, we touched on the problems managers can face when their reps are feeling insecure. We now continue our journey through more common concerns you will face as a manager and what you can do about it.

Reps don’t work their assigned hours

You will likely deal with this concern multiple times during the summer because it’s hot outside and your reps spent most of the offseason snacking on iron plates and biceps curls.

So hanging out and taking selfies by the pool will at times seem like a better option than knocking doors but they are wrong. And it’s your job as captain of your sales ship is to use every correlation meeting as an opportunity to remind reps of the required hours they need to knock.

At SalesRabbit, we found at least eight hours is the best number for minimum hours knocked.

But if you still think a rep isn’t putting in their hours, talk to them directly immediately! And don’t forget to bring a copy of the reps’ goals and their reasons for hitting those goals. Addressing the self-interests of a rep should motivate them to get out of pool and back on the doors.

Lastly, get stern with you reps. Remind them that hitting their goals won’t happen if they don’t knock the standard set hours.

Rep Has a High Cancellation Rate

This is a usually simple concern to resolve. Talk with the rep and ask why they have so many cancellations. From our experience the top answers are:

  1.  The rep doesn’t spend enough time with the customer explaining the details of the product.
  2.  Rep is not completely honest with the customer.
  3.  The rep promises specifics with the installation, but the installation gets moved.
  4.  The rep doesn’t make expectations clear of what the customer is signing up for.

Regardless of the reasons, extra training in said specific area should fix high cancellation rates. Not sure when to talk to a rep about their cancellation rate? We suggest anything over 16 percent.

Reps Are Knocking Together

Unless you’re scouts selling cookies or popcorn (like these upstanding men on the right), strength in numbers does not apply in the door-to-door industry!

Your reps have plenty of time to socialize outside of knocking times. When this becomes an issue, again discuss it during correlation meetings and make sure reps know it’s not allowed.

However, tell your reps they can knock with you if they need more training on the doors. Just watch this so it’s not abused and keep it under an hour.

Reps Repeatedly Want Unscheduled Days Off

Okay, this picture is not a solution to this concern, nor do we advocate physically dominating a rep like this photo depicts. But be stern with reps when they ask for time off.

And this requires read skills and your best discretion because sometimes a day off works wonders for reps who really deserve time off the doors. But you also don’t want top reps taking too much time off, especially your top-selling reps.

Reps usually want a day off because of low sales or lack of confidence. Talk with this reps to understand why they don’t want to be on the doors. Point out the potential money they will lose and go over their goal sheet.

Keep in Mind

As captain of your sales ship, you will experience concerns and that’s perfectly normal. Based on our experience, the key is letting your reps know you’re approachable to help resolve their concerns.

Establish a set time when reps can discuss their concerns with you directly. Always emphasize you want them to succeed and will do everything in your power to make it happen. And use your correlation meeting time to remind reps of why the sell and to discuss any concerns.

Did you find this useful? Anything you would add? Leave a comment and let us know.


Brady says:

Nice advice.

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