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Concerns Managers Need To Resolve Pt.1

Posted by Sean | May 26, 2015

These are 6 Common Insecurities Most Sales Reps Have

If you’re a manager a team of reps, it’s your job to manage and resolve concerns to better lead reps. The verbiage might vary, but the underlining concerns are the same. Your ability to effectively resolve concerns depends on your level of preparation. Here are 6 common insecurities that most sales reps have that you should be aware of and remedy as soon as possible.

“I’m Not Meant For Sales/This Isn’t What I Thought it Would Be”

Let’s not kid ourselves, selling door-to-door is not for most people. Reps who say ‘I am not cut out for summer sales’ allow insecurities to interfere with success.

The Wizard of Westwood, John Wooden said, “Do not let what you cannot do interfere with what you can.”

Compliment your reps on what they do well and write it down to remind them of those strengths. Now, ask what insecurities prohibit them from selling. Make sure all rep insecurities get listed so you can address each one individually. Help them realize insecurities are fixable and become strengths with diligence. Lastly, emphasize that all reps go through this thought process, so they too can defeat it.

“The Money Doesn’t Matter to Me”

Sales reps use this statement when trying to justify their lackluster numbers and sales. When reps use this excuse, hold a one-on-one and make a list of reasons why they are not closing sales. Then, make a specific action plan that addresses each reason and what they will do to overcome the reason. This statement is most alarming and needs to be resolved as soon as possible because making money is the reason they decided to sell.

“I Don’t Have My ‘A’ Game Today”

Let’s be honest for a moment, we all have off days and that’s okay. Even elite athletes have an off night, but Michael Jordan never told Phil Jackson he would sit the rest of the game during a poor performance. In fact, Jordan would take more shots during an off night to get his ‘A’ game back. If a rep doesn’t have their ‘A’ game figure out what specifically got them off their game. Follow up with more questions to thoroughly resolve the specific concern so they can get back on the doors to get a sale. Lastly, reassure them the ‘A’ will return with more “shots” on the doors. Give them positive encouragement and get them back on the doors.

“Being Pushy on the Doors is Not My Thing”

Tell this rep it’s story time, so pop some popcorn, pull up a chair and get comfy. You can modify the story, but it should go something like this. Not too long ago, Reginald knocked on Mr. Dukeshire’s door offering DVR, better equipment and the same channels for a better price. After thinking for half a second, Mr. Dukeshire gladly accepts Reginald’s offer. THE END. Ask the rep if that sounds pushy because the answer is always NO!

“I Just Want to Hang Out and Have Fun”

Before the season started, this rep wanted to sell and make money, so review their initial goal sheet to remind them of that goal. Then repeatedly highlight ‘EARNING MONEY ‘ is the reason! Create new sales goals and the specific objectives they need to accomplish to reach that goal. If hanging out and having fun is still their top priority after trying to help them, do yourself a HUGE favor and send them home. This might sound too harsh, but it will save you hours of your time and energy!

“My Area is No Good”

This concern requires a number of questions to fully understand the situation, but always have a backup plan for reps if the area is a dud. But first, do some research about why your rep feels this way. Ask why they want to leave the area and ask for specific examples. Also consider the reps history of wanting to leave areas.

Example: If a rep says ‘my area is no good’ but has requested to leave other areas, tell the rep to stay longer (trust us). You might consider moving the rep who has never asked for a new area. Ask other reps knocking in the same area if they experienced similar situations. If this is the case, it’s time pick a new area. Lastly, be mindful of the reps who frequently ask for new areas because the concern goes beyond area issues.

Keep in Mind

Remember, the key is getting specific with a written action plan when managing concerns. Your reps will succeed on the doors when you diligently resolve all their concerns.

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