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Choosing the Right Sales Tech

Posted by Zac Kerr | April 25, 2019

If you want to be successful in the modern sales world, you’ve got to be committed to investing in sales software.

We’re familiar with most of the highly successful companies in field sales. Some of them are our customers, and some of them aren’t. But we don’t know a single one that isn’t leveraging technology generally, and using a field sales enablement app specifically.

Yes, these apps take money and time to buy and use. But the most successful field sales organizations all recognize that the return on this investment is enormous. In fact, research has shown that the average CRM returns $8.71 for every dollar you spend.

But there are dozens (if not hundreds) of apps for sales to choose from. How do you avoid picking the wrong option for your company and instead invest in the best?

There are a few key characteristics of a top sales app, but one of the best indicators is that the sales app company has deep experience as a provider.

best app for sales

Experienced Providers

When a company has deep experience as a provider, that means they’ll be able to help any client, no matter the size. As clients grow, their needs change and evolve. For example, a small company of two or three employees wouldn’t really have any need for creating different permissions among different levels of the company. But as you grow and start hiring reps and managers, the need for different app permission levels will become paramount.

This will also be true for other features, such as leaderboards. A couple of reps can hold a competition pretty easily when it’s just the two of them. But when you’ve got different regional offices with hundreds or thousands of reps, you will need a very comprehensive and customizable leaderboard and reporting system.

Providers with experience across a broad range of use cases will be able to address a broad range of industry-specific needs and provide you with solutions no matter your situation.

It’s natural and intelligent to be worried about all the adjustments you’ll have to make as you grow. You want to be looking towards, and planning for, the growth of your company. The nice thing about working with a developed field sales software company is that they have experience guiding companies through this process. This means they can help you anticipate and solve problems before you even experience them. 

Growing Together

You should also ask if the provider itself is growing. Are they consistently updating their service? Where are they investing their resources? If a company has more salesmen than it does developers, that says something about what they’re after– quick, easy profit. In our experience as a sales software provider, we’ve found that we have a lot of opportunity to make a real difference in this industry and build a product that can truly amplify the growth of outside sales.

Smarter companies recognize that the best way to create and keep customers is to make their lives easier. They will constantly improve their product based on the communications they’re receiving from their customers. They’re more worried about hearing and building than they are about telling and selling.

Buyer’s Guide

You’re probably going to have more questions about finding the right sales software for you. Check out our free Door-to-Door and Field Sales Apps: a Buyer’s Guide resource, or chat with our bot to get time with a sales expert to discuss your company’s needs.

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