Calendly Integration Overview and Set Up

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Set up Calendly and SalesRabbit software for a better calendar

Calendly is an event creation software that eliminates tedious back-and-forth emails between coworkers. Calendly gives you a link with meeting times you’ve picked to fit your schedule. Then your coworker clicks the link and chooses from the time options. Once a time is picked, the meeting is added to both calendars and an automatic reminder is sent to all emails. 

What does this integration do?

  • Allows you to create an appointment on someone else’s calendar
  • Easily sync calendars together to show available time slots.
  • Emails confirmations and reminders for the customer and rep.

What data is transferred into Calendly?

  • First Name
  • Last Name
  • Phone
  • Street Address
  • Apt/Suite
  • City
  • State
  • Postal Code

Set Up Calendly | Creating a Calendly Account

Many companies are designed to function with a setter-closer model and need to have the capability to assign other’s appointments.  One of the ways to assign appointments to other people, can be done by building out your SalesRabbit connector to a Calendly account. Calendly is an automated scheduling software that allows your reps to assign appointments to closers.

Benefits include: 

  • A free basic plan
  • The service only shows available slots rather than the full calendar
  • Email confirmation for the customer
  • Buffers for the Closer to allow for travel time around set appointments
  • Event access is Embedded in SalesRabbit and attached to the Lead Detail page

There are benefits to using a paid plan, but we can connect individual reps’ calendars while using the free plan.

Set up is straightforward and easy. Simply go to and connect your Calendar needed for the appointment set ups.

If you’re going to use Caledly’s free plan, here’s some advice: disable two of the three “Event Types.” On the free plan, Calendly will automatically disable two of your three “Event Types” after 30 days. If you intend to use the free plan after 30 days of use, disabling the two undesired Event Types will ensure that Calendly does not shut off the Event Type you’re actively using.

Calendly | Set Up: Connecting to SalesRabbit

Step 1. Obtain Calendly link

Now that you have set up Calendly, make sure to have the SalesRabbit web app open in one tab and Calendly set up in another. 

Assuming you are using Calendly’s free plan, you will need to click on the button within your active event “Copy Link.” 

S1P2: Enable link for SalesRabbit.

Open a new tab in your browser – paste the link into the URL bar and press “enter” on your keyboard. Then, copy the new link that populates. If you proceed without doing so the Calendly link won’t work in SalesRabbit

Step 2: Create a SalesRabbit Connector

The following steps are only enabled for roles that have access to Settings. In most companies, that role must be either “Administrator” or “Owner.” 

S2P1: Access the page

Click the tab containing the SalesRabbit web app. Click “Settings” within the left hand menu. Choose “Connectors” within the middle “Sales” column.

S2P2: Add in the link and adjust the Connector’s settings

Click the red “Get Started” button.

Adjust the following: 

Connector type: Change to “Web Connect” – this will allow the Calendly site to be embedded in the app (whereas “App Connect” will route the link into a web browser).

Name: Clearly state the name of the user + “Calendar.”

Ignore “Request Key Headers” and go down to the URL.

URL: Paste the URL from Calendly.

Connected to Lead?: Choose “Optional.”

Click “Save.”

The Connector should appear similar as shown below: 

Repeat the steps above to add everyone’s calendar that needs to be added into SalesRabbit. Your page should appear similar to the screenshot shown below:

Keep Learning

If you’re interested in learning more about our integrations or SalesRabbit products, Schedule a demo to learn more about this feature. If you’re already a SalesRabbit user, login to our Help Center and get unlimited SalesRabbit resources.

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