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Building and Recruiting a D2D Sales Team

Posted by Diana May-Jennings | March 17, 2017

How to Build and Recruit a Door to Door Sales Dream Team


Good door to door sales recruits are just like sales leads. You’ve got to grab their attention with enticing job advertisements, pique their interest in the high-activity, high-commission aspect of your position and get them to commit to that critical face-to-face meeting. Direct sales is a high-pressure, high-turnover world that requires you to lock in good quality sales reps with that “eat what you kill” mentality the job requires. But how?

Find Them

In today’s fast-paced and technology focused world, if you aren’t advertising your job opening online, then go ahead and get ready for a long and painful interview/hiring process before you get the right person.

  • Good candidates aren’t free. The amount of quality candidates you can generate depends on the population size and demographic of your county as well as the unemployment rate. Ad rates will vary from market to market, but on average one great hire will cost you approximately $200-$400 in job advertisements in addition to time spent screening resumes and conducting initial phone interviews.
  • Be where they are. From LinkedIn to Monster, CareerBuilder to Indeed, everyone has a preference when it comes to where they look for their next great gig. If you’re only utilizing one or two websites to advertise your position, you’re missing out on tons of excellent talent.

Interest Them

What sets your direct sales opportunity apart from the hundreds of other positions available? Make sure you’re offering a whole lot more than a well-written job posting.

  • Make it easy to research your company. A recent study by Pew Research Center revealed that 79% of job seekers utilize online resources in their job search so be sure to maintain a playful and active presence online. Also, be sure your website has a careers specific page featuring company perks and employee testimonials.
  • Remember who you’re talking to. Highlight how great it is to be their own boss, the flexible schedule and the ability to work near their home. True salespeople are motivated by the reality that in sales they can create their own destiny. Emphasize that D2D sales is like running your own business, and it’s up to them if that business is an SMB or a money making empire.
  • Invest in your reputation. If you don’t – it’ll come back to haunt you. If there’s one thing the internet has done, it’s make the world a much smaller place. Chances are your top recruit knows someone who knows someone who either works/worked for or has done business with your company. Remember to keep this in mind during sales calls, interviews and networking events – you’ll never regret being pleasant and professional.

Hook Them

Now that you’ve got a great candidate in the interview chair it’s time to close ‘em. Your sales experience will come in handy as you present the benefits of working with your company – but don’t appear too eager. Remember, you’re the one with the open position and the upper hand. The goal of the interview is for them to want your job offer as much as or more than you want them on your team.

  • Make them feel welcome. Introduce the potential future rep(s) to your top salespeople if possible. Try to expose them to your team’s culture and give them a good idea of what a day in life at your company would look like. And be realistic. You don’t want to slap makeup on a pig to convince a great candidate to take your offer only to have them bail after they realize the job isn’t what they expected. Be friendly, forthright and welcoming – make sure it’s a good fit for both of you.
  • Show them the money. It’s not often that people wake up one day and decide to get into door-to-door sales. People love sales because they’re motivated by the earning potential! Provide as many real examples of other commission only reps who have done well within your organization. Experienced door to door sales reps can hit the ground running and get great checks from the get go. New sales reps will have to work hard at first, but once they get the pitch down, they’ll be earning well too.
  • Just like D2D sales, mastering your employment pitch takes practice. Have you developed a great pitch for recruiting door to door salespeople?

Recently Direct Energy came to us because they were struggling to find quality door-to-door sales professionals in three of their top markets. We followed the steps listed above, and we coordinated with managers in each of the markets. In just 30 days we delivered a total of 39 pre-screened face-to-face interviews resulting in 17 fully on-boarded recruits.

You can see similar results if you dedicate yourself and put in the time, money and energy into recruiting!


Eric Harold says:

Interested in discussing D2D recruiting in the energy industry.

Dean Rousana says:

Looking for experienced door to door agents. Just energy

Karltrell Taylor says:


Charlotte Fleet says:

I like that you mention that it is important to have a company that is easy to research to help people become interested. My boyfriend’s brother has been looking for some summer work to help him get through the school year. I think he should look into a company that is recruiting for sales to see if they need any seasonal help.

Tavin Carter says:

I’d love to meet with him! I’m recruiting for sales this summer. Tell him to shoot me an email!

Devin Scott says:

I would like to discuss recruiting sales reps for the community solar industry.

Anthony Puglia says:

Would love to discuss ways to recruit door to door sales reps for Telcom services

Diana May says:

Hi Anthony, we would love to discuss this with you. All of our tips from this blog can be applied to any sales industry but for specific help and advice for how to improve your sales team, schedule a demo today and chat with us!

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