Best Virtual Meeting Tools for 2020

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Engage your team virtually

Since businesses need to find new ways to communicate right now, we’ve compiled a list of our favorite virtual meeting tools: Zoom for meetings, Slack for team messaging, and FaceTime. Using tools like these are the best way to effectively engage your team on work-related tasks easily. 

Not all virtual tools are created equal, and these are the ones we’re getting a lot of use out of. All the tools that we suggest will be free to you because company unity shouldn’t cost you anything.

Business Calls


Zoom has been the best way for our company to do our weekly department and monthly business meetings. This video conference tool makes it easy to connect with anyone for free with a link.

We’ve been able to use this virtual tool for the webinars as well. We’ve found that Zoom has really helped us continue our business through quarantine, but it isn’t just for meetings. We’ve had several company parties during these isolating times, believe it or not! Zoom can be a quick and easy way to stay connected with your team for a variety of reasons.

Team Messaging


Team messaging with Slack has been a breeze. Slack lets you easily send messages to people individually, groups, or the whole company. You can also attach important images or documents into messages quickly.

A unique feature to Slack is the reaction buttons to each message. You can bring humor and life to your company chat using emojis or create reaction buttons to show your appreciation for the message. 

Casual Communication


This is a more casual way to keep in contact with your team members. For the people in your company that have iPhones, FaceTime can be an easy and quick way to chat with them and check on their well-being. Especially in times like these, it can be comforting to others to see the faces of people they used to see at work everyday. 

It’s also a great way to engage with customers, because it provides a human element to your conversation with them and demonstrates that you’re respecting the health mandates but also want to set aside time for personal contact.

Google Hangouts

If you’re not an iOS user, then you can still use something like Google Hangouts to chat casually with your coworkers. Google Hangouts makes it easy to contact each other in a less casual way through your Android or iOS devices.

If sending messages isn’t your thing, you can also do voice chat or video call in the same hangout. 

Try These Tools Now

Engage your employees with these beneficial virtual tools. You’ll be thrilled with the increased contacting ability and boosted team moral. Technology has been a blessing to help us keep our sanity and productivity. 

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